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Simplify and Innovate Now With Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure

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Are your customers using Microsoft Azure as part of their multicloud solutions? If so, you have an excellent opportunity to grow your business as you help simplify their IT operations while improving agility and gaining better control. 
Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure is meticulously engineered in partnership with Microsoft to optimize hybrid cloud operations. Helping your customers deploy this intelligent as-a-Service platform can empower them with extensive integrations and a wide array of automations. 
The key to modern and efficient DevOps is the way in which APEX for Microsoft Azure provides consistent management and operations via centralized Azure tools. Combined with an intrinsic approach to security that extends Azure governance across all deployment environments, this platform will quickly become an invaluable tool as your customers strive to innovate and grow. 
Simplicity to bridge the cloud divide
Dell’s unique APEX Cloud Platform Foundation Software provides deep, cross-layer integrations and intelligent automation. The software is designed to facilitate simpler and more efficient initial deployment and cluster creation, and ongoing operations across your customer’s complete technology stack. 
Accelerated app delivery
Boosting DevOps productivity and IT agility helps your customers innovate faster. APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure is designed to support both virtualized and modern containerized apps by optimizing the delivery of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on-premises.
The platform also offers data center and edge-optimized node configurations with flexible compute, storage and GPU resources to help address the broadest possible set of workloads. 
Enhanced control and governance
A common storage fabric based on Dell’s enterprise block Software-Defined Storage (SDS) across on-premises and public cloud locations simplifies workload mobility, giving your customers control over where their applications and data reside. 
The APEX Cloud Platform for Azure also takes a full-stack approach to security by providing sophisticated controls and multilayered protection from security threats. And advanced lifecycle-management capabilities help ensure that your customer’s full technology stack always remains compliant and current.
Now is the time to help your customers simplify and secure their Azure Cloud DevOps so they can innovate and get to market faster. Get started now by visiting the Dell APEX Discovery Center.
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