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    After starting a year with 2% year over year growth in 1Q22, the external ESS market grew 9% year over year in 2Q22, however, regional performance was varied significantly from the double-digit growth seen in North America and Western Europe

    Per a new research report by Global Market Insight, Inc., the data center server market will cross a valuation of $150 billion (USD) by 2030. This is especially noteworthy as the data center server market size just crossed $60 billion in 2021. The increase to $150 billion is expected to be a more than 10% compound annual growth rate from 2022-2030.

    When an enterprise needs to refresh their servers, there can often be resistance to change. Relying on dated server tech can cost a company operationally as well as fiscally, especially when you consider the fact that data is the new capital. As a solution provider, you need to ask yourself -- are your customers’ current servers helping them tap into their true potential?

    Dell Technologies offers the modern solution provider a wide range of infrastructure-based solutions. At its core, though, Dell believes that IT security should embrace a Zero Trust approach by embracing continuous updates in how it designs, builds, and delivers secure IT solutions and services. Why? Because a trusted infrastructure can operate everywhere, with maximum flexibility and business agility, but without sacrificing security.

    Modern enterprises are working globally towards creating a resilient, progressive hybrid workforce that enables their employees to work effectively and efficiently from any location. From deployment to support, Dell Technologies can help today’s solution providers profitably drive their customers’ hybrid work organizations and scale accordingly to meet any type of customer requirement.

    The expansion of a remote and mobile workforce during the pandemic has accelerated many organizations’ timelines for new VDI infrastructure. Fortunately, the Dell PowerEdge R840 server with 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors presents an opportunity for you to provide your customers with support for more power users while maintaining acceptable desktop response times.

    The ability to provide files and applications to users at scale within a secure, efficient, and cost-effective environment are key strengths of VDI and DaaS environments. Dell Technologies APEX Cloud Services affords partners a best-in-class VDI solution that puts user experience first.

    In order to drive modernization, IT leaders are changing how they buy and consume data center technology. They increasingly want to employ a pay-per-use model to deploy more assets sooner, free up their own personnel to work on other tasks and accelerate the new capabilities.

    Technology was highlighted at the 2022 World Economic Forum as crucial to enabling human progress. Dell Technologies is well-positioned to support these endeavors with its innovative solutions portfolio, spanning all points of the edge, core, and cloud. Customers and partners can leverage the benefits of Dell’s competitive advantages, including its #1 positions in infrastructure solutions and client solutions; leading global services footprint; industry leading scale and supply chain; largest go-to-market (GTM) and channel ecosystem; leading financial services capabilities; VMware alliance; and more. 

    A new research report published by The Business Research Company states that the digital transformation market, fueled by increased demand for AI and ML solutions, will grow from $9.4 million in 2021 to $1.17 trillion in 2022; that’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.7%. Looking ahead to 2026, the global digital transformation market share is expected to grow to $2.64 trillion at a CAGR of 22.4%.

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