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Case Study: How NS Solutions Uses Dell APEX Flex On Demand To Create A Better Multicloud

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Japan-based NS Solutions offers customers a better way to adopt an agile multicloud approach and get more from digital transformations. By leveraging Dell Technologies innovations like Dell APEX Flex on Demand and VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure, NS Solutions is able to provide easy-to-use, scalable technology that frees its customers from the burden of IT administration and management. 
Technology leaders are increasingly reliant on an agile multicloud approach to get more value from their digital transformations. A recent study shows it’s well worth the effort. McKinsey reports that successful digital transformations can as much as double EBITDA and bring about marked improvements in employee productivity, customer experience and return on investment (ROI).
The consumption-based IT approach is working for NS Solutions customers. Adopting a multicloud strategy that leverages private clouds supported by on-premises infrastructure helps businesses better predict and control costs. The key is adopting a fast-to-deploy multicloud model that addresses proximity, security, low latency, and IT administration needs.
Gaining agility and cost control
NS Solutions leverages Dell Technologies’ APEX Flex on Demand to provide a managed infrastructure model with stability and cost predictability. “We want to meet the needs of our customers while keeping the cost burden low. APEX Flex on Demand is an ideal fit,” says Kazuhiro Onodera, General Manager of the Cloud Solutions Department, Cloud Platform Division, in the IT Infrastructure Solutions Bureau of NS Solutions Corporation.
Dell APEX flex on Demand enables organizations to pay for technology as they use it. That gives NS Solutions and their customers immediate access to buyer capacity and payments matched to actual usage. No more over-provisioning. Just the flexibility of an OpEx-funded approach that gives organizations access to private cloud capabilities at a predictable cost. 
NS Solutions also adopted Dell VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure. By providing ready access to technology, VxRail helped NS Solutions reduce build times from about four months to around two months. The VxRail platform enables customers to gain agility and improve responsiveness through on-premises data options with low latency.
Modern multicloud
Modern organizations are always looking for ways to gain speed and agility and increase their ROIs. NS Solutions shows how leveraging cutting-edge platforms from Dell Technologies can speed the way to an agile multicloud strategy and a more effective digital transformation.
Learn more about Dell APEX Flex on Demand now to see how you can innovate and grow in partnership with Dell Technologies. 
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