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    Corporate Social Responsibility has quickly become an increasingly prevalent concept, wherein organizations develop initiatives designed to serve the interests of society through heavy consideration of the impact of their activities on everything from its partners to the environment. As a forward-looking organization, Dell has put into place a most effective CSR plan, one that leads to innovation, makes team members proud, and builds trust with customers and partners.

    Modern organizations are increasingly relying on IT to help the business be ready for whatever comes next. Dell Technologies can deliver scaled-up and -down flexible IT solutions with the agility of a cloud provider, yet without the complexity or limitations. This means access to innovative infrastructure, consistent management across public and private clouds out to the edge; and more choice and flexibility in how best to address future demands.

    Many organizations are turning to a hybrid work model. This requires flexible, intelligently-designed PCs that can adapt to the employee’s work area—wherever that may be. Dell Technologies has created the OptiPlex 3090 Ultra, a ‘sustainably-designed’, zero footprint PC to meet this growing need.

    Dell Technologies is dedicated to helping Partners deliver the power of AI to all shared customers. Their portfolio of products and solutions has been designed to get  AI easily deployed into the enterprises of businesses and organizations of all types and sizes.

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