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Why Multicloud Will Dominate The Marketplace in 2024

Multicloud is fast becoming the defining trend of IT architecture

You might already have noticed that your customers are asking questions about digital transformation to improve flexibility in a post-pandemic landscape. The answer to their questions is simple: Dell APEX.   Dell Technologies is supporting a mass market shift to multicloud by providing APEX broad-based IT infrastructure solutions. The result is a new generation of enterprises thriving in the new market economy by embracing subscription-based, multicloud models.   ‘Multicloud by design’ is how Dell refers to its comprehensive suite of APEX as-a-Service solutions. It’s the best way to help your customers create faster transitions to the cloud and a shorter time to value. The portfolio of compute, storage, data protection and client-device as-a-Service solutions enables you to focus on delivering higher-value workload services to provide your customers with a flexible, agile model of consuming infrastructure.   This one minute video tells you all you need to know about how to get started.

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