Long gone are the days when data lived solely on premises. The bigger news flash here is that they won’t be coming back anytime soon. The new normal today is seeing the vast majority of organizations adopting a data-dispersing “multicloud” approach. Almost all these organizations are storing data in various clouds, mostly public, private or even more commonplace is a mix of both.  The challenge is though, with different clouds comes an array of different technologies, unique features, and varied aspects of data mobility. 

Make no mistake about it - data is driving innovation and digitalization. As such, end user customer organizations are investing in technologies to help them harness the power of data. So where is the opportunity for technology providers? The fact is trusted technology advisors can help their customers’ modernization efforts in three key ways. Specifically:

Multicloud by design – customers in many instances don’t know where to start in designing a mutlicloud deployment strategy. Often they do not have the skills or talent in house. Partners can play an important role in guiding them through their multicloud complexity and creating a multicloud by design that includes appropriately sizing and placing workloads, and ensuring customers can access and manage their data

Meeting budgetary constraints – customers have been tasked with doing more with less for years. Now they are also being asked to accommodate sustainability mandates. This makes consumption-as-a-Service an excellent option for both objectives. 

Addressing common cloud challenges – data integrity, data protection and data sovereignty are all important issues that require 100% attention and consideration. In the event of a cyber-attack the ability to recover is paramount, however more importantly customers need help staying one step ahead of malicious actors by developing a proactive cyber resiliency strategy. 

Dell APEX is Partners’ perfect solution for addressing their customers’ multicloud needs

Dell APEX brings simplified cloud experiences – with quick provisioning, rapid scaling, and modern consumption – across their innovative portfolio, where applications and data live. Partners can address top organizational IT challenges, offer their customers different consumption models, and help them determine which workloads should shift to cloud resulting in simplified cloud experiences for their customers. 

Dell APEX helps Partners increase revenues and grow their business in these key technology areas by expanding their own portfolio of offerings and as well as by complementing with their own value-added specialty services that enhance the end-customer experience.

Compute/HCI Services - Simplify multicloud by giving your customers a secure, consistent experience everywhere, with the best-of-breed features and performance their workloads require.

Storage Services - Respond to your customers’ changing business needs, remove complexity and reduce risk with scalable and elastic storage as-a-Service.

Cyber and Data Protection Services - Help customers make smarter technology choices that will improve business results and ensure their infrastructure and data stays protected and secure.

Custom Solutions - Create specialized, on-demand environments by leveraging their innovative and extensive portfolio of infrastructure and services to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

You owe it to yourself to explore the combined Dell APEX multicloud portfolio to deliver the unified cloud your customers want by visiting here today.


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