In almost every organization today, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has become a top strategic initiative. As such, many entities are taking these ESG priorities into account when compiling their IT vendor evaluation criteria. This is where IT as-a-Service can fit the bill perfectly. Better yet, the good news for solution providers is that many end user customers are now actively embracing the notion of as-a-service technology consumption.   

IT sustainability is a priority but not yet a core capability for most firms

In November 2021, Dell Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how companies can leverage as-a-service models to achieve sustainability goals. Nearly 75 percent of respondents said their firm needs the assistance of a third-party partner to achieve its sustainability goals. And although nearly four in five said their firm has a solid sustainability plan featuring a wide-ranging set of cost-saving and carbon-reduction initiatives, fewer than half said their firm is on track to meet its goals.

Dell Technologies is the ideal vendor to partner with as they have always been committed to ESG initiatives

As an innovator in supply chain, product development, and packaging, Dell Technologies can help partners meet the ESG goals of their customers and win bids where these criteria are part of the scoring process. By utilizing the Dell APEX portfolio of as-a-Service offerings partners can ensure maximum efficiency and performance for their customers - all while lowering the carbon intensity of their IT infrastructure. With Dell APEX, your customers can host operations and applications on market-leading server and storage hardware, calibrated to their specific needs, and procure sustainable IT products.  Furthermore, the Dell APEX Console can be used to calculate energy usage so organizations can measure their sustainability activities.

Dell APEX enables you to provision Dell’s best of breed technology for your customers, which accounts for sustainability at every stage of a product’s life cycle. They accomplish this by using sustainable materials that have a reduced impact and by executing designs that make products last longer and easier to repair, refurbish or recycle. All of this contributes to reduced emissions across the product's life cycle.

In summary, Dell APEX is a win-win proposition for both partners and customers 

Reduce emissions and resource usage by right sizing IT environments- with Dell APEX, partners can ensure maximum efficiency and performance while also lowering carbon intensity as customers use only what they need. With the ability to scale up, Dell APEX compute and storage offerings reduce overprovisioning to help reduce emissions and resources.  Deploying the solution in a partner’s data center can further reduce end customer emissions.

Minimize e-waste and eliminate obligations that come with on-prem infrastructure- Dell can responsibly reuse, repurpose, and recycle Dell APEX technology on your customer’s behalf, increasing residual value of their equipment for future use and removing the burden of end-of-life management. Dell will refurbish and resell products after the term of your customer’s subscription, repurposing infrastructure to ensure people around the world are gaining access to technology and able to innovate.

Activate a responsible supply chain- by bringing Dell APEX to your customers, partners show they are focused on advancing sustainability by collaborating with a vendor that demands a responsible supply chain. Dell takes the climate seriously by working to enable a circular economy. Furthermore, they champion ethical practices, respect, and dignity within their own supply chains. Dell is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions through 2050 across their supply chain and pressing suppliers to adhere to the RBA code of conduct, which focuses on ethical practices for workers across the supply chain.

How can you put Dell APEX to work for your customers and your business?

Dell APEX from Dell Technologies helps you simplify cloud operations, allowing your customers to choose data capacity and subscription terms for any private or hybrid cloud environment. By redefining your infrastructure offerings with Dell APEX, you can provide Dell’s powerful data infrastructure with the as-a-service model customers require to stay agile and meet ESG goals – all while growing your services business.

Learn more on the Dell APEX sustainability page here.


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