The pace with which enterprise-level technology solutions are being introduced and adopted is putting considerable stress on businesses looking to stay competitive in their respective marketplace. 

A good example would be flexible server and storage systems that can easily scale up or down to keep pace with fluctuations in demand. As great a solution as this may be, for many companies this can be a challenging and costly endeavor.

That’s because in your average situation, a business might buy excess capacity in the initial investment to ensure they can meet the eventual growing demands for IT services. This results in their paying for technology that they don’t use, consuming budget that could otherwise be allocated for other projects. 

What these companies need is a way to upgrade their technology without incurring large capital expenses and costly overprovisioning. 

If this situation sounds like something your customers might be dealing with, consider APEX Flex on Demand from Dell Technologies, which allows enterprises to pay for the technology they need while providing ready buffer capacity with payments that adjust based on buffer usage. 

Why you should (re)introduce APEX Flex on Demand to your customers today

With APEX Flex on Demand, you can deliver a specialized, on-demand IT infrastructure environment that provides simplified and predictable budgeting, billing, and technology lifecycle management.

APEX Flex on Demand affords your customers the flexibility to select the technology and terms that meet their needs. As the solution provider, you create a unique on-demand environment for your customer by selecting the infrastructure, deployment, and support services most appropriate to them. Here, it’s worth noting that customers don’t have to worry about “over-utilization”. There’s no penalty because APEX Flex on Demand includes an 85% billing cap, so your customers can go beyond forecast without penalty. If they use 100% of capacity, they’ll only be charged for 85%.  And the rate is the same for base and buffer capacity for easier planning of spend. 

The result: you’re able to better address customer demands to consume IT resources in a consumption-based model — acquiring storage and compute capacity without a large capital outlay up front. Instead, capacity is paid for monthly, with the invoice reflecting a customer-determined baseline commitment plus their use of available buffer capacity. Ultimately, as the solution provider, you get to serve as trusted advisor, reviewing reports and consulting on optimization suggestions and ways to better forecast.

APEX Flex on Demand checks all the boxes

When you promote and leverage the benefits of APEX Flex on Demand, it enables you to:

·       Achieve differentiated outcomes for customers across any workload with the broadest infrastructure portfolio.

·       Align customer IT costs to business needs, with flexible payment options to fit any environment.

·       Streamline your customer’s lifecycle by performing your own value-added services to realize a best-in-class experience.

·       Act as a hedge against current supply chain constraints.  Partners can deploy buffer capacity without their customer being charged before it’s used.

·       Increase partner opportunity pipeline by pursuing projects with prospects who are budget constrained.  Flex on Demand can help alleviate cash flow or other budget constraints, moving projects forward that would otherwise be delayed or put on hold.

Perhaps most importantly, you can leverage APEX Flex on Demand with customers across multiple industries. All industries are going through digital transformation, and IT leaders can’t always predict the computing and storage requirements necessary during these enterprise-wide projects. The incremental scalability of APEX Flex on Demand helps them adjust to business changes quickly in a cost-effective way. The solution’s wide range of infrastructure options makes it ideal for providers in the healthcare, information technology, and manufacturing sectors, specifically, who face strict regulatory requirements and complex operating environments. 

Explore the benefits of flexible consumption for your customers by visiting here. 



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