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Case Study: NG Bailey updates IT infrastructure for more agility, cost control, and simplified IT management

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As the UK’s leading independent engineering and services business, NG Bailey has grown from a small electrical contractor to an award-winning, industry-leading company. NG Bailey was founded in 1921 and works throughout the building and infrastructure industry, using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, supported via a partnership with Dell Technologies and Constor Solutions.

NG Bailey’s vision is to create exceptional environments for present and future generations. It supports local communities throughout the UK by providing engineering and services that “bring building and infrastructure to life”. When aging IT infrastructure hindered business growth, NG Bailey looked for a true partnership – not a transaction – to upgrade its IT infrastructure. They opted for a collaboration with Dell Technologies and its partner, Constor Solutions.

Adopting Dell Technologies APEX Flex on Demand for VxRail enabled newfound agility and IT stability by creating a proactive environment to manage growth, seamlessly onboard new projects and handle dynamic IT requirements. Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s cloud-like model was deployed within an on-premise solution, providing NG Bailey on-premise speed but with much more flexibility. Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s built-in buffer capacity allowed rapid pivots to manage variable IT needs. 

The simplicity of the Dell APEX Flex on Demand for VxRail solution created a sea-change of business improvements for NG Bailey. By reducing its data center footprint by 50 percent, Dell APEX Flex on Demand helped NG Bailey lower power consumption and advance the pursuit of net-zero sustainability approaches. Through the reduction of restore time of key business systems by almost 94 percent (from 8 hours to 30 minutes) NG Bailey improved customer responsiveness. A simpler IT management approach allowed NG Bailey to decrease infrastructure-related support calls by 75 percent, freeing up resources to focus on other business priorities.

Outcomes of this magnitude are reshaping NG Bailey’s business and recreating what is possible with customers and future generations. “The Dell APEX Flex on Demand for VxRail solution is great because it’s simple, easy to use and it works. The solution is all in one stack, so we don’t have to manage three elements of hardware. It does its job and requires very little management from us, making upgrades simple and seamless. The solution does exactly what we need it to do,” states Neil Florence, Head of Systems and Infrastructure for NG Bailey.

A partnership that delivered a future-proofing solution for unimpeded growth

Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s innovative payment model delivered much greater cost control. NG Bailey implemented the Dell APEX Flex on Demand for VxRail solution during the pandemic when capital investments were on hold. The solution’s OpEx payment model provided NG Bailey with the IT capabilities needed without the upfront capital expenditures. Going forward, Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s consumption-based approach, buffer capacity and 85 percent billing cap – unmatched in the industry -- allows NG Bailey to manage and control operational costs. 

To replace its aging IT infrastructure, NG Bailey sought a true partnership and selected Dell Technologies and Constor Solutions for its IT upgrade. “The partnership we have with Dell Technologies has allowed us to transform our IT infrastructure. Dell Technologies listened to our business needs and our IT challenges, then came up with a full, fit-for-use proposal,” says Florence.

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