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The rapid growth of the multicloud environment has created many challenges for the modern enterprise. Chief among them is the task of managing, securing, and accessing data wherever and whenever they are leveraging multiple public clouds. Improper support can lead to a significant increase in data silos which, in turn, leads to higher costs. 
Additionally, developers are now finding themselves inundated with countless programming tools and manual tasks that take time away from writing code to address these needs; that is, there is no single automated pipeline that they can use – with a distinct set of tools and services – that enable them to go through the entire DevOps cycle.
A simple solution to support these modern needs
Dell Technologies already has a range of multicloud and developer-focused offerings, and just recently expanded this portfolio. Four key developments in this expansion come in the form of APEX Multi-Cloud Data Services, APEX Backup Services, and a pre-announce of Project Alpine, to go along with DevOps-ready platforms.
Let’s take a closer look at each one:
APEX Backup Services 
APEX Backup Services is designed to deliver simplified data protection along with centralized monitoring and management for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, endpoints, and hybrid workloads. This service can scale on-demand and protects against cyberattacks with instant detection, rapid response, and accelerated recovery. 
Project Alpine
Project Alpine is a future extension of Dell Technologies’ storage portfolio and is meant to make its block and files storage software platforms available in public clouds. Doing this enables enterprises to buy the software as a managed service using existing cloud credits which, in turn, gives enterprises a consistent storage environment on-premises and in the cloud, thereby enabling them to easily share data across multiple environments and lower total cost.
DevOps capabilities
Finally, the company is expanding the Dell Technologies Developer Portal. It’s doing this to essentially serve as a one-stop shop for DevOps teams and application developers who are looking to develop infrastructure as code. The portal will provide continual access to the latest Dell APIs, SDKs, modules, and plug-ins. Dell Technologies has also announced it will be expanding support for Kubernetes-based services Amazon EKS Anywhere and SUSE Rancher. 
Set your customers’ minds at ease
With Dell Technologies APEX Cloud Services, including the company’s extended multi-cloud portfolio, partners can deliver technologies to their customers that free them to focus on outcomes and innovation, while also affording its partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves by providing their own specialty services.​
Learn more about how you can help your customers take control of their multi-cloud strategy. 
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