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For many enterprises, one of the major lessons learned following the pandemic was that they need to focus on improving business and operational efficiency to drive better business outcomes and customer satisfaction. 

When you take this need to improve operations and add in a growing remote workforce with multiple endpoints, data protection becomes increasingly challenging. Further adding to the complexity are ransomware attacks, which are becoming more frequent, advanced, and expensive – targeting not just primary data, but backup data, too. This can cause costly downtime, damage your customer’s brand — or worse — result in permanent data loss.

To meet these needs, enterprises realized they must begin investing in digital infrastructure. Of course, this is easier said than done:

•      54% of enterprises admit to struggling to find data protection for SaaS applications1

•      60% struggle to find data protection for Cloud Native apps1

•      94% of organizations choose cloud deployments (public, private, and / or hybrid) for new applications1

•      76% or enterprises give public cloud as much or more consideration as on-premises infrastructure for new applications2

Indeed, your customers need help when it comes to prioritizing applications and workloads to determine where to put those workloads, and then recommend how best to protect the data and the associated backups. This is where Dell Technologies’ APEX Backup Services can serve as the solution.

What is APEX Backup Services?

Among the most effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models on the market, Dell's APEX Backup Services helps you protect your customers’ data while reducing cost and complexity. This allows you to take full advantage of the flexibility that the cloud has to offer, thereby enabling you to respond to your customers’ key business initiatives with speed and agility. 

At a high level, APEX Backup Services is a hosted data protection solution that ensures predictable, controllable costs without increased complexity. It’s quick to deploy and provides unlimited, on-demand scaling to ensure your clients’ growing data volumes are constantly protected. The Services’ instinctive web-based experience provides centralized visibility and management across workloads and users. 

Radically simple and comprehensive data protection

APEX Backup Services ensures a multi-layer defense system is in place against ransomware. It allows you to protect your customers’ backup data from encryption and deletion, and accelerate ransomware recovery so they can recover in hours – not days – with curated recovery that enables them to quickly recover clean, comprehensive data sets.

Designed for the multi-cloud era

In today’s multi-cloud world, your customers want the choice of technology to help them realize desired business outcomes. Sometimes they want to own the hardware and infrastructure; increasingly, though, they want to subscribe to a product or service.

APEX Backup Services is 100% SaaS, which means there's no infrastructure to purchase or manage. Updates are automated, non-disruptive, and unlimited. On-demand scalability ensures that growing data volumes are always protected. 

Learn more about APEX Backup Services

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Check back for part 2 of this blog series, which will look at reselling APEX Backup Services to generate revenue and satisfy customer expectations. 

1. Global Data Protection Index: Global Results for Cloud Infrastructure, December 2019 

Vanson Bourne was commissioned by Dell Technologies to survey 1,000 IT decision makers across 15 countries globally on their data protection strategies, their approaches to data protection in cloud environments, and the relative preparedness of their businesses in cases of disruption

2. ESG Research Insights, Why Data Protection Matters for Today’s Multi-Cloud Environments, May 2020


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