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Dell’s APEX portfolio of as-a-Service offerings can help you accelerate and meet your customers’ sustainability goals

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Dell Technologies is driving impact for a more sustainable future for Earth Day, and for every day beyond. As has been their custom, Dell Technologies products and services are purpose-built to reduce waste, energy use and emissions, and that lower their environmental impact - all while helping customers and partners in achieving their own sustainability goals. 
One way they seek to achieve their climate action commitments is by supporting their partners’ and customers’ energy and climate goals through more energy-efficient solutions. Their Dell APEX portfolio of as-a-Service offerings enables partners to help their customers accelerate and meet sustainability goals with the ability to scale IT operations up based on current needs and procure sustainable IT products that are designed with sustainability in mind.
Dell APEX optimizes IT operations and can reduce your customers’ organizational environmental impact by enabling you to help them deploy only what they need. Dell APEX reduces ITs material factors by reducing e-waste and eliminating obligations that come with ownership of IT infrastructure. Furthermore, it immediately helps in reducing emissions and resource usage by right sizing IT environments. Finally, it assists in activating a responsible supply chain.
But don’t take my word for it. Just look at some of the facts:
Minimize e-waste and eliminate obligations that come with ownership of an IT infrastructure
The concept of waste is obsolete. It has no place in the circular economy. Dell APEX is Dell’s approach to making the circular economy a reality in the technology industry today by combatting climate change via reduced resource use and increasing upcycling of equipment and materials for future use. 
Dell APEX enables you to provision Dell’s innovative technology which considers sustainability at every stage of a product’s life cycle. It focuses on using sustainable materials that have a reduced impact, by designing their products to last longer, be easier to repair, refurbish or recycle, which reduces emissions across all their products’ life cycle. Dell APEX responsibly recycles, reuses, and repurposes technology on partners’ and customers’ behalf, thus eliminating the obligations that come with ownership. Dell APEX can also save customers up to 53% of time spent on decommissioning and retiring hardware.1
Reduce emissions and resource usage by right sizing IT environments
With Dell APEX, you can ensure maximum efficiency and performance while driving lower carbon intensity using only what you need. With the ability to scale up when needed, customers avoid overprovisioning which helps reduce energy consumption and optimize resources. By proactively adjusting resources, your customers can reduce costs associated with wasteful overprovisioning by up to 45%.2  They can also calculate energy usage and place their workloads and data in low carbon colocations powered by 95% renewable energy 3 to help further reduce emissions. 
Do your part to activate a responsible supply chain
Dell partners can get involved in activating a responsible supply chain with a broader ecosystem of partners focused on advancing sustainability. Dell takes climate action very seriously by working to enable a circular economy as champions of ethical practices, respect, and dignity within their own supply chains. They are committemd to reaching net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across Scope 1,2 ,3 and by 2050.4 
In the end, Dell’s APEX portfolio of as-a-Service offerings can help both partners and customers accelerate and meet sustainability goals, while rightsizing and optimizing their IT operations. 
Learn more about how Dell APEX ensures maximum efficiency and performance for your customers, while driving lower carbon intensity of their IT infrastructure by visiting here.
Learn more about Dell APEX Sustainability here.
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1 An IDC White Paper commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel: The Business Value of APEX as a Service Solutions, August 2021.  Estimates based on survey of 17 organizations using APEX as a Service Solutions, aggregated and combined into a composite organization. Actual results may vary. 
2 A Forrester study commissioned by Dell Technologies: The Projected Total Economic Impact of Dell TechnologiesTM APEX Data Storage Services, June 2021. Estimates based on interviews with 4 organizations using APEX Data Storage Services.Forrester TEI: Actual results may vary. 
3 Equinix's GRI Index and Results for 2021  
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