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The last few years have highlighted an undeniable truth: An organization’s ability to adapt to change and innovate are increasingly dependent on technology. The game has changed. More than ever before, IT is the engine that powers businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. IT and the IT department are now the great enablers of innovation. 

As an IT professional, you are uniquely positioned to be more than a problem-solver, you can be the impetus that helps your customers spark innovation.


Establishing trust is crucial to building deep and long-lasting relationships with customers. Your ability to work with strategic and tactical partners is a benefit that extends to your clients. It allows you to be the conduit to cutting-edge technology that may otherwise be difficult for businesses to acquire or implement on their own. 

When choosing the partner you want to work with, look for a vendor that offers a flexible IT consumption model like the one you get with Dell APEX. This exciting portfolio of infrastructure, platforms, and solutions, all delivered as-a-Service, allows you to help your customers simplify their cloud experiences and accelerate business results. Your customers enjoy the flexibility and agility to scale their technology as their needs change.  As a trusted technology provider, you can guide your customers through technical complexities and leverage Dell APEX to offer specialized solutions based on your customers’ particular requirements and desired outcomes.


Sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it’s an imperative. IT plays a significant role in identifying sustainability opportunities as most firms include IT in sustainability roadmap setting and decision making. As a technology professional, you can help your customers make better choices that not only benefit the planet but can also benefit their bottom lines through cost savings. With energy-efficient cloud providers, servers, laptops, and backup power solutions, your customers can reduce costs and significantly improve ROI. Purchasing products that are durable or easily repairable, also helps reduce waste and lower costs over time. Simply put, sustainability breeds efficiency.


Agile infrastructure can be an important tool in driving greater efficiency and streamlining business operations and processes. Optimized infrastructure can save time, money, and free up resources to focus on high-value initiatives and innovation.

An as-a-Service (aaS) infrastructure can allow your customers to increase speed and agility through a cloud experience that keeps pace with evolving needs. With aaS your customers will have the data and tools to succeed, and reduce tedious, manual tasks to improve efficiency. They can accelerate innovation with infrastructure that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive data analytics – the infrastructure that you can deliver as a Service with Dell APEX.

Learn more about the Dell APEX portfolio at Dell APEX Advantage | Dell Technologies United States.


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