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ESG Analysis on Dell APEX: Helping Customers Increase Business Agility & Employee Productivity

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When you were doing an online search, did you click away if a webpage took too long to load?  The old adage “Time is money” still rings true today, when technology innovations that enable fast response times may lead to customer satisfaction, improved revenue production and higher employee productivity.

Analyst firm ESG recently performed an economic validation that focused on the quantitative and qualitative benefits organizations can expect from shifting IT operations to Dell APEX to simplify IT, accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and increase revenue. ESG’s validation reveals that APEX addresses many of the challenges organizations face while enabling companies to focus on their key lines of business instead of IT operations.

ESG’s economic analysis revealed that APEX provides its customers with significant savings and benefits in categories, including business agility. Shifting IT responsibilities to APEX allows organizations to focus on using technology to solve business challenges, while helping ensure that tech capabilities are available at their optimal level and are aligned to the company’s needs.

Innovations in technology are increasing at blinding rates. Organizations that can capitalize on technology increases are able to grow their business at a much more rapid pace than those that can’t. ESG examined the before and after states of companies that adopted APEX and found potential benefits in areas, including: 

·      Rapid scalability – The IT capabilities of APEX seem “limitless,” according to customers interviewed for this analysis. Customers reported that Dell’s ability to react to changing business demands, both up and down, far surpass what most organizations can accomplish on their own. 

·      Predictable performance – APEX provides a wide range of SLA levels to match the varying needs of customer organizations. One customer shared, “We approached Dell with a business problem, not a technology problem. Dell worked with us to find the best solution to give us the level of performance we needed in a cost model that fit our budget. We got the performance level we wanted, we didn’t have to pay for wasted capabilities, and Dell has consistently hit our SLA.” 

·      Roadway to multicloud – ESG research shows that most companies see the benefit in shifting to the cloud. However, most lack the confidence or skill to maximize the potential of multicloud or modernized environments. In this analysis, ESG found that customers consistently see APEX as an effective and secure way to manage their multicloud environment.  Help your customers navigate their multicloud complexities with APEX and deliver a simplified cloud experience wherever applications and data live.

·      Improved employee productivity and capabilities – ESG found employee productivity gains in all workloads studied for this analysis. A healthcare customer shared, “We went from two minutes to our first login to 29 seconds. We have more than 1,800 logins per day. This gave us over $500,000 in savings per year and better-quality care for our patients. A minute and a half is an eternity during some medical procedures.” In other cases, ESG found that having IT capabilities that closely mapped to business requirements enabled revenue and profitability gains. Additionally, shifting FTE resources from below-the-line IT activities (tactical and support functions) to above-the-line work that had them working with business units to map revenue goals to IT capabilities increased revenue and overall employee job satisfaction. 

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For access to the whitepaper click here

ESG’s Economic Validation process is a proven method for understanding, validating, quantifying, and modeling the economic value propositions of a product or solution. The process leverages ESG’s core competencies in market and industry analysis, forward-looking research, and technical/economic validation. ESG conducted in-depth interviews with end-users to better understand and quantify how Dell APEX has impacted their organizations, particularly in comparison with previously deployed and/or experienced solutions. The qualitative and quantitative findings were used as the basis for a simple economic model comparing the expected costs of traditional IT operations with Dell APEX.


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