As I mentioned in a previous blog, innovating with data is ultra-important in today’s data-driven world. In this regard, the move to hybrid and remote work has made endpoints, and the workers that rely on them, the focus for IT teams and business management. The reasons are compelling. As hybrid and remote work have become standards for how business operates, organizations need a digital workspace that doesn’t just support end user computing (EUC) but enhances it, while cloud-delivered desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offer what they need.

Recent ESG research shows just how important DaaS is. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) such as DaaS delivers a solution to the two most important pain points that IT teams currently deal with. These are:

·      Improving operational efficiency 

·      Deploying an enhanced security posture

As such, those partners who can deliver on these EUC solutions successfully are well positioned to be considered true trusted advisors by their customers. Partners who are trusted advisors know that today’s cloud-based solutions can be employed to provide better usability and productivity without sacrificing the security and control IT leaders are responsible for ensuring is in place.

A combination of trends beyond hybrid work, including the rise of more virulent cybersecurity threats, the need to enhance the employee experience, and the explosion of data and apps, have put new stress on legacy approaches to delivering and managing endpoints. These demands have made deploying DaaS a compelling strategic approach for meeting these challenges. The ESG research bears this out:

·        Security and operational efficiency are the top two strategic issues reported by organizations as the most important considerations for investing in EUC technology solutions.

·        DaaS platforms provide both, delivering in a manner that provides for the security and control that IT leaders need to check off their “must-have” boxes.

Another important trend is the desire by customers for their trusted partners to take responsibility not only for the data center, but also for the extended IT footprint to include endpoint computing. This means partners must be prepared to take ownership for delivering real workforce transformation results, outcomes that enable people to be productive, and that address customer priorities around operational efficiency, employee experience, and TCO impact.

Dell Technologies APEX is the perfect solution as it checks all the boxes

With the guidance of partners, it is essential for organizations to pick the best-in-class solution for efficiency, employee experience, and optimized IT operations and for IT to make optimal technology and cloud service choices. The ability to provide files and applications to users at scale within a secure, efficient, and cost-effective environment are key strengths of VDI and DaaS environments. Dell Technologies APEX Cloud Services affords partners a best-in-class VDI solution that puts user experience first, by:

·      Rapidly deploying virtual workspaces in a cloud environment, while delivering a strong VDI user experience;

·      Accommodating seasonal demand spikes and employee fluctuations; and

·      Supporting graphic-intensive applications that require GPU resources and achieving low application latencies.

By using APEX Cloud Services to solve for VDI and DaaS, partners can provide positive outcomes for the challenges faced by their customers, including the complexity of data growth and the costs of procurement and operations, while adapting to a cloud model.

Most important is that customers are increasingly looking to trusted advisors to secure their entire network. This creates an opportunity for partners to touch and cover all groups within the enterprise. This, in turn, can lead to a deeper relationship for partners that create long-term customer value as a comprehensive trusted advisor.

About the ESG Research

The ESG research cited here explores four themes that are being shaped by the marketplace changes in IT consumption and management. This blog examines the fourth theme, ‘A Work from Anywhere World’. 

Where should a partner go for more information?

Read the full ESG report and discover how you can help customers maximize the ‘work from anywhere’ opportunity with Dell APEX Cloud Services.

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