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ESG Research Study: The new ‘CIO Imperative’ and what it means for Partners

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Recent research conducted by ESG clearly supports the notion that the effects of the pandemic include IT decision makers’ increasing spending for long-term strategies that protect from future disruptions and enable their employees to effectively work remotely. In this regard ESG has seen two key trends move into the mainstream over the last two years. They are:
o   More IT complexity combined with an increased demand for managing valuable data has created the need for new and enhanced multi-cloud IT services  
o   Customers are preferring to address these challenges with subscription-based, services-led offerings
As OpEx models are increasingly being employed by customers, IT partners are focused on adjusting their go-to-market plans and business models to capture this opportunity. They are quickly realizing that to overcome new challenges they must plan to deal with a range of organizational, operational, and financial challenges associated with the move to a subscription-based, managed services business. Specifically: 
o   Investing in specific training around cloud business practices
o   Hiring experienced technical staff
o   Adopting new marketing and sales methodologies and practices. 
o   Understanding and preparing for the budgetary impact on revenue and cash flow 
To seize this opportunity solution providers must reimagine their relationships across the ecosystem, maintaining close relationships with key clients and inspiring them to transform IT delivery structures in the long term. Additionally, they must get even closer to their strategic vendor partners, gaining important mindshare and resources and evaluating financial incentives and programs that drive solution sales and their own long-term success. 
Dell Technologies APEX offering has been purposely designed for this opportunity  
Dell is supporting partners in achieving these positive outcomes for their customers and themselves with its APEX portfolio of as-a-Service offerings. APEX helps simplify digital transformation while increasing IT agility and control. APEX is a comprehensive set of simple and consistent cloud experiences delivered as-a-service that can provision quickly, scale on demand, and allow your customers to enjoy pay-as-you-go OpEx benefits across entire multi-cloud, edge, and data center environments. 
Bringing APEX to your customers allows them to focus on critical priorities and outcomes to yield better business outcomes by:
o   Taking advantage of as-a-service everywhere: APEX removes unwanted complexity, related inefficiencies, and costs and provides streamlined IT operations. 
o   Reacting quickly to capture new opportunities: APEX flexibility accelerates digital transformation to respond to changing business dynamics. 
o   Minimizing risk and maximizing performance: APEX provides more control of critical data—from where it is located; to who can access it; to how it is protected to maximize its availability, improve overall governance, and safeguard it from a growing number of concerns.
APEX can be an important part of a partner’s portfolio to help today’s CIOs overcome the many challenges they face as the result of their digital transformation initiatives. 
o   Constantly changing line-of-business needs
o   Rapidly changing technology landscape
o   Skills shortages in key areas 
Dell has made APEX an integral part of its partner program, giving participants a strategic advantage in the as-a-Service space and helping them seize these opportunities. Together, Dell and its partners provide end-customers with key elements to accelerate their digital and IT transformation success. Partners contribute in many ways to simplify and unify disparate solutions to bring multi-cloud solutions to life on the customers’ terms, Including:
o   Skills, knowledge, and expertise across multiple providers and ecosystem touchpoints. 
o   Scale and experience to complement customer IT organizations.
o   Flexibility of how to engage in the way customers want to consume. 
o   Support for the organizational issues and needed cultural change, along with IT transformation efforts.
In closing, working closely with Dell provides partners the solutions to deliver cloud experiences that are simple and consistent based on identifying customers’ evolving needs, thereby achieving the CIO Imperative.
About the ESG Research
The ESG research cited here explores four themes that are being shaped by the marketplace changes in IT consumption and management. This blog examines the first theme, ‘The CIO Imperative of as-a-Service Transformation’. We will cover each of the other themes in future blogs to examine the factors and data behind these trends, how they are connected to the others, and the impact on end-users and the partners that support them.
Read the full ESG report and discover how you can help customers achieve their as-a-Service transformation with Dell APEX.
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