With its patient-first, data-anywhere focus, Dell Technologies has essentially reimagined patient care delivery, where secure, modern healthcare-focused IT solutions are relied upon to enable a more connected workforce that can direct their energies on providing top-notch, personalized care to their patients…wherever they may be. 

·       66% of US hospitals run on Dell storage [1]

·       68% of US hospitals run on Dell desktops and laptops [1]

·       48% of US hospitals run on Dell servers [1]

The need for these types of specialized solutions, if you will, started with the shift to electronic medical records, which itself has demanded scalability and performance from the IT staff working to support healthcare providers. But it covers much more than that. 

Dell Technologies’ APEX portfolio can help you architect solutions for your healthcare customers that deliver scalability and performance while simultaneously balancing their investment / cost by having them only pay for the infrastructure necessary at the time. 

Transformative solutions that will power your customers’ clinical, research, and business needs today and tomorrow

There are multiple opportunities for your healthcare customers to benefit from engaging with Dell APEX, from electronic health records, to genomics, medical imaging, and connected workforce. And as data volumes increase, additional resources can be added in as little as 14 days. [2] 

APEX can be used by partners to fulfill modern health care provider requirements for flexible and innovative IT:

Modernized IT: Reimagine a modern IT transformation for healthcare with APEX — accelerate readiness and agility for what’s coming next and simplify IT resource deployment and management for your customers. With integrated deployment, support, and IT lifecycle management, bringing APEX solutions to your customers frees up partners’ time to focus on high value health care related IT functions rather than “keeping the lights on.”

Connected workforce: APEX delivers a connected workforce transformation enables clinical and business staff to work anywhere, at any time. When your customers engage with Dell’s APEX solutions, they’ll soon realize increased staff efficiency. That’s because Dell APEX enables customers’ clinical and business staff to work from anywhere with APEX as part of a connected workforce solution.

Virtual health: APEX allows greater caregiver reach to provide better patient care delivery to a larger set of patients with the ability to offer enhanced services for new revenue streams. Your customers in the healthcare industry can leverage Dell’s portfolio of trusted solutions in an as-a-Service model to help their patients embrace new patient-care models like telemedicine. And they don’t need to go all-in at once – enterprises and organizations can start small and ramp up as this side of the business grows, without large upfront investments.

Personalized health: Making care even more individualized. APEX helps accelerate time-to-insights to identify new ways to treat patients and manage diseases.

Secure care: Securing patient and business data has never been more important. APEX delivers comprehensive security for staff, network, endpoints, data, and recovery. Cyber resiliency and security are important aspects to keeping data safe and always accessible. APEX can be a key component of the customer solutions you design to maximize uptime and availability of information.

As you can see, there are numerous ways Dell APEX can help partners in the healthcare sector design innovative, modern solutions. Accelerate customers’ digital transformations with familiar Dell infrastructure, delivered as-a-Service.

To learn more about how your customers can benefit from APEX for Health Care, visit here.



[1] https://www.dell.com/en-us/dt/industry/healthcare-it/index.htm

[2] Deployment time (TTV) measured between order acceptance and activation. Subject to credit approval, acceptance of APEX terms by required parties and site qualification which must be completed before order placement, and participation in pre-order planning. Product availability, international shipping, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. Not applicable to Dell-managed colocation deployment. For Time-To-Value objectives and regional offer availability, visit Dell.com/Access-APEX.

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