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How iPower helps their customers modernize aging IT infrastructure with its flexible, tailorable solution

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iPower Technologies provides IT service and support for mid-market companies across healthcare, financial, hospitality, legal, and professional sport verticals. As an end-to-end IT solutions company, customers can focus on running their business and not be bogged down with managing IT acquisition and technology assets. 
Founded in 2009, iPower has grown organically and strived to be the single resource for both end-to-end technology and acquisition solutions.  The company was able to better serve customers and expand opportunities with a trusted partner in Dell Technologies and a robust APEX Flex On Demand solution. 
For those unfamiliar, Dell APEX Flex on Demand is a pay-per use, totally flexible consumption model for custom configurations. It allows the rapid deployment of Dell products and services, adapts to the change in business dynamics, and serve up payments solutions that can easily scale up / down to match actual usage, all while eliminating the need for a large upfront expense and overprovisioning.
Scaling technology to match business changes
When a Florida-based professional sports team struggled to accommodate its data, which fluctuated significantly depending on whether the team was in season or not, iPower Technologies stepped in. 
Using Dell Technologies’ APEX Flex on Demand, the team saves significant capital and also has a solution with immediate availability that easily scales up and down. 
Of course, the team isn’t the only one benefiting from the solution.
“We work with companies across numerous verticals, and they all see cost savings with APEX Flex on Demand based on peak and valley use requirements,” says Jarrett Pavao, President, iPower Technologies. iPower Technology benefits from the ongoing relationship whereupon it delivers a payment solution that which, in turn, enables agility, flexibility and scalability for its customers.
Staying competitive in economically challenging times
The modernization of aging IT infrastructure is how iPower Technologies helps customers drive efficiencies, predictability, and growth. Organizations often lack the budget to transform their business. Replacing outdated technology and acquiring new assets does require significant investment.
“We’re helping our customers through economically challenging times because they can acquire the technology to stay competitive with APEX Flex on Demand,” Pavao explains. “We can build everything that our customers need into a single, simplified monthly payment with APEX Flex on Demand.” 
Pavao describes how APEX Flex on Demand helped a South Florida law firm with a staff of 150 become more competitive. 
“APEX Flex on Demand helps companies procure leading technology,” Pavao says. “With simplified financing, they can focus on their business, which benefits their customers.”
The law firm also benefits by bundling their solutions and paying over time. “We can build everything our customers need into a single, simplified monthly payment with Dell Financial Services,” Pavao explains.
Leading solutions and white glove service
By delivering a range of differentiating solutions and services, iPower Technologies has built a reputation for delivering leading solutions and white-glove service, with a strategic eye toward the future. Pavao says, “We’re always available for our customers whenever they need us.” 
Pavao explains that he understands the importance of a reliable, available, and caring partner, and that is why he chose to partner with Dell Technologies. 
“As a small but fast-growing IT company, we know that Dell Technologies is always available to us, as if we’re its biggest customer,” Pavao shares. The benefits that support offers are immeasurable, according to Pavao. “It boosts our sales teams’ confidence when they knock on prospects’ doors, knowing the world’s leading IT provider is backing them up.”
Aligned with your customers’ IT infrastructure needs
The future of IT Service is providing white glove service, which is characterized with attention to detail, convenience, speed, and high standard of service. Dell APEX Flex on Demand empowers solution providers like iPower Technologies to become successful in designing and implementing solutions that align with customer IT infrastructure needs. 
Learn about Dell APEX Flex on Demand.
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