No matter which market research study we look to, the fact is they all forecast that IT CAPEX spending will remain flat. At this same time though, the IT spend for private cloud services (IaaS) is expected to continue its upward growth trajectory.

This is a trend that is predicted to continue for some time. And it makes perfect sense. On-prem IT as-a-Service gives organizations the operational and cost controls they require, while simultaneously coupling the important attributes of public cloud they need – mainly simplicity, agility, scalability - and all through today’s modern consumption model.

Dell APEX is perfectly positioned for partners to address, and capitalize on this rapidly growing market

Partners can quickly and easily learn how Dell’s APEX Multicloud, as-a-Service, and modern consumption strategy delivers a tangible opportunity for partners to drive exciting market transformation. This is all explained in detail in this podcast. In this episode of The Partner Connection, Cheryl Cook, SVP of Global Partner Marketing, speaks to guest Kyle Leciejewski, SVP of Global Sales for Storage, Platforms and Solutions, APEX and Specialty Channel Alliance and OEM businesses. 

In the podcast, partners are informed how to apply their value-added specialty services to help customers unlock the full potential of their APEX installations, thus helping them to better innovate and use the information gleaned to accelerate business outcomes.  You’ll hear about real world examples of this, including writing and deploying ecosystem plugins, storage automation & performance tuning, and integrating storage workflows into a customer’s IT service portal.  

Dell APEX accelerates customers’ ability to innovate with data in three key ways

Multicloud simplification- as multicloud grows it becomes increasingly difficult to manage disparate settings with each platform. Dell APEX enriches the public cloud experience by connecting Dell’s industry leading software that’s running on-prem to the public cloud.  Partners can simplify the management process and deploy the same solution everywhere.  This concept is called “ground to cloud.” A prime example of this is Dell data protection.

Dell is also simplifying multicloud by making it easier to deploy apps that were originally developed for a hyperscaler environment in the data center with validated designs. This strategy provides investment protection in partners’ capabilities both on traditional Dell Technologies products and in their public cloud practices.

As-a-Service Everywhere- you can create a cloud like experience for customers wherever apps and data live.  Build a modern commerce experience without sacrificing operational control and security. This is available for compute, block & file storage, HCI, containers, data protection, and more. Partners can manage the Dell APEX infrastructure alongside traditional data center equipment on behalf of customers as their trusted advisor. You can discover more here.

A modern consumption user experience - customers need to optimize utilization and avoid over provisioning as well as under provisioning. Every organization can benefit from this operational model. Dell Technologies makes this modern user experience available across the entire enterprise portfolio and in over 30 countries too. As such, partners’ value-added specialty services combined with the power of Dell APEX helps customers innovate with data as they consume technology the modern way.  

Why partners should tune in to the podcast

Partners need to be able to have an outcomes-based conversation with the customers in a transformational selling model.  Modern consumption helps partners stay top of mind and relevant with the customers they support.  In the podcast are tips and techniques that will help partners move from a transactional relationship that may only require engagement when equipment is up for a refresh, to a productive and meaningful ongoing dialogue.  

Access the podcast here.


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