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Improve your customers' business agility by keeping their servers up to date

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Keeping servers up to date empowers your customers’ IT staff to take advantage of enhanced management tools which, in turn, leads to direct benefits for the business. Specifically, server refreshes have proven to*:

Improve IT staff efficiency

Increase revenue growth

Improve application performance

Lead to greater customer satisfaction

Achieve faster time to market

Indeed, by proactively replacing each server at the optimized time, your customers’ IT staff can better maximize the value it delivers for their business and customers — while also reducing costs. 

Achieve even greater agility with Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers 

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are outfitted with intelligence and automation solutions that empower customers with the ability to truly transform their IT operations and business not just today, but tomorrow and further down the road as business objectives adapt to industry trends.

Powered by high-performance 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and featuring the latest OpenManage Enterprise systems management technology, Dell’s end-to-end PowerEdge server portfolio empowers your customers to benefit from:

Enhanced performance

Increased memory speed

Easy scalability

Simple upgradability

When you combine the company’s PowerEdge server portfolio with your own trusted expertise, you’ll be fully equipped to help customers take advantage of impressive server agility and performance – while also delivering a secure, automated, scalable, agile and optimized IT infrastructure that they can rely on today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Keep your customers’ servers up to date with PowerEdge

There’s no denying the fact that Dell Technologies’ market-leading presence is a key differentiator for PowerEdge servers. Customers are asking for PowerEdge products on Intel – so there’s strong market demand for you to leverage and build your business on. 

When you promote and sell PowerEdge servers, you open yourself up to new opportunities to realize considerable benefits for your business:

Establish yourself as a trusted technology provider

Build recurring business and revenue stream

Serve as a single supplier solution

Help customers cut the complexity of data storage

Increase your profitability

Beyond PowerEdge Servers, you can help customers get even more from their server refresh investment by affording them the opportunity to pay for the technology they need, as they need it with APEX Flex on Demand.

APEX Flex on Demand is a Dell Technologies consumption-based offering available for the Dell Technology Infrastructure Portfolio. This metered payment solution gives you the option to offer customers the flexibility of elastic capacity and the economy of paying only for the buffer capacity which it consumes each month. It also enables your customers to align and scale the cost of their IT solutions with technology consumption and budget availability.

As a Dell Technologies partner, you have access to training and events, as well as marketing campaign collateral and more, to help you with educating your customers on opportunities like APEX Flex on Demand, industry-leading technologies like PowerEdge Servers, and much, much more. 

Get started today and learn how you can help your customers innovate, adapt, and grow with Dell’s PowerEdge and OpenManage portfolio.  

*IDC White Paper “Optimizing Performance with Frequent Server Replacements for Enterprises” commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel, March 2021. Results are based on interviews with 18 IT practitioners and decision makers at midsize and large enterprises and a web survey of 707 IT practitioners and decision makers at midsize and larger enterprises using Dell Technologies server solutions across 7 industries. See full white paper

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