Your customers are constantly looking to realize the benefits of elastic scale, operating expense (OpEx) consumption, and agile deployments for both on-prem and cloud adjacent infrastructure. As a solution provider responsible for delivering these IT resources in an as-a-Service model, you must be agile when it comes to delivering the best possible solutions to your customers. 

To achieve this, consider Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services, which serves as a new way for you to deliver the IT storage resources your customers need not only efficiently, but cost effectively, too. 

Get to know APEX Data Storage Services

Introduced a year ago, and recently enhanced this past January, APEX Data Storage Services is available in over a dozen countries and is quickly becoming known for its cutting-edge approach to delivering Storage as-a-Service solutions. 

For those unfamiliar, APEX Data Storage Services is an as-a-Service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources designed for OpEx treatment. The as-a-Service model simplifies the storage process, enabling oversight of their storage resources, freeing your customers from the burden of day-to-day maintenance and administrative tasks.

By optimizing their data storage and simplifying IT management, you can accelerate business results for your customers, and help them achieve meaningful digital transformation sooner rather than later. 

Improved pricing

Over the last year, Dell has implemented incredible improvements to its pricing structure, delivering as much as 70% savings to its customers. The goal in doing this is to make it easier for solution providers to deliver storage-as-a-service solutions to a broader segment of customers. 

With the updated pricing structure, solution providers can help customers achieve greater innovation with their data while saving money. In fact, the new structure brings it much closer to a price range that customers already know from their upfront purchases, making it a familiar point of reference. This makes it an even more competitive solution for solution providers to deliver to their customers interested in using Storage-as-a-Service to innovate with data in a cost-effective way.

Why should you act now?

According to Gartner, over 50% of newly deployed storage capacity will be sold as-a-Service or on a subscription basis by 2024. That’s way up from less than 15% in 2020.[1] That being the case, now is the time to seize this opportunity while enhancing the value you bring by shifting customer storage acquisitions into a consumption model with APEX Data Storage Services. 

Rest assured that you are bringing the #1 enterprise storage provider [2] to your customers with the as-a-Service delivery model customers seek, with options for both block & file. In doing this, you’ll unlock recurring revenue streams, enjoy lucrative financial incentives and benefits, and simplify the way your customers consume technology.

To learn more about APEX Data Storage Services, check out this article from Dell.  



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[2] IDC Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2021Q3, December 7, 2021 – Vendor Revenue

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