From combating cloud sprawl to leveraging flex capacity and deploying DaaS, there are solutions to help tech providers make IT seamless, productive, and affordable for their customers. Dell APEX offers infrastructure solutions for the optimal multi-cloud environment. 

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The Edge-to-Cloud Continuum

The edge-to-cloud continuum will be an important part of organizations’ ongoing digital transformations. A study by 451 Research, commissioned by Dell, suggests that considerations for workload placement shouldn’t be framed as “edge vs. cloud.”  Instead, using the two together and using evaluation criteria such as performance, security, reliability, and cost will be the likely strategies that enterprises incorporate as a means for placing workloads in their most appropriate locations. 

Dell APEX Flex on Demand is ideal for building edge-to-cloud solutions and deploying them in an as-a-Service model. It is designed to provide greater scalability than traditional purchasing options as well as shift budgeting to a predictable monthly cost.

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Flex Capacity

Businesses are dynamic, so technology infrastructure should be flexible and scalable. Businesses in start-up mode can ill afford to overprovision but can’t afford to run the risk of missing growth due to inadequate technology. Then there are seasonal effects that create peaks and valleys in business cycles. Why deploy capital on infrastructure just to have it sit idle? Fortunately, your customers don’t have to.

APEX Flex on Demand from Dell Technologies allows enterprises to pay for the technology they need while providing ready buffer capacity with payments that adjust based on buffer usage. With APEX Flex on Demand, you can deliver a specialized, on-demand IT infrastructure environment that provides simplified and predictable budgeting, billing, and technology lifecycle management.

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Tackling Pain Points for IT Managers with DaaS, VDI 

A recent white paper from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) shows just how important Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) such as DaaS delivers a solution to alleviate the two most important pain points facing IT teams:

·      Improving operational efficiency 

·      Deploying an enhanced security posture

Dell Technologies APEX Cloud Services affords partners a best-in-class VDI solution that puts user experience first. This solution rapidly deploys virtual workspaces in cloud environments and supports a positive user experience. It can provide support for graphic-intensive applications that require GPU resources and achieve low application latencies.

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Avoiding Cloud Sprawl

This e-book from Dell explores the cause and effect of “cloud sprawl”. A situation that occurs when multi-cloud environments spiral out of control. Importantly, it also explores ways in which to take control of cloud environments and ways that you can help your customers have a smooth cloud journey.

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The CIO Imperative

Research conducted by ESG reveals that the effects of the pandemic include IT decision makers’ increasing spending for long-term strategies that protect from future disruptions and enable employees to effectively work remotely. Two key trends have moved into the mainstream over the last two years: a need for enhanced multi-cloud IT services and subscription-based, service-led offerings.

As OpEx models are becoming increasingly favored by customers, IT providers are focused on adjusting their go-to-market plans and business models to capture this opportunity. Dell is supporting partners with its APEX portfolio of as-a-Service offerings.

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