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The Dell Technologies Partner Program: Purpose-built to simplify the way you do business while adding incremental value to the solutions you offer

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Increased reliance on technologies like edge, multi-cloud, 5G, and as-a-service models has created customer demand for purpose-built, holistic technology solutions that solve business problems and deliver real outcomes. 
Dell Technologies provides partners with the infrastructure to be successful in this new environment. To further support their partners’ needs, Dell is streamlining enhancements to its partner program by consolidating their program sales motions and offering a more consistent experience across these tracks.
A multi-year journey
This is the beginning of a multi-year journey to better capture the opportunities presented by a shifting market, evolving partner business models, and Dell’s as-a-service (aaS) strategy with Dell Technologies APEX. 
Dell has the structure in place to support the change in buyer behavior and provide partners with consumption aaS and subscription options that address market opportunity as well as supporting traditional infrastructure resell. 
Investing in the partner community
Dell is focused on simplifying and investing in its partners to realize the potential of high growth areas in the market. It is common for partners to have multiple business models – many resell, provide hosting and other managed services, and build embedded solutions. To best support these models, Dell is launching several enhancements to its partner program to provide consistent rewards for partner engagement. 
Solution Providers, Cloud Service Providers, and OEM partners across the Dell Technologies ecosystem will have: 
One incentive structure 
One tier structure 
One set of tier requirements
This consistency across selling motions (resell, host, embed) means that partners will no longer need to worry about figuring out which route to market will earn them more. Instead, they can simply focus on positioning the best solution for the customer. 
Quality of relationships
To maintain customer satisfaction, increased focus must be placed on enhancing the quality of customers relationships. Dell points to the following four key areas:
Trust: Dell is committed to putting its partners and customers first to ensure consistent, predictable relationships, industry expertise, and reliable technology.
Growth: Together, Dell and its partners will expand market reach through new ideas and solutions by taking advantage of key technology trends to create positive outcomes.
Expertise: Dell will focus on continuing to leverage its diverse partner ecosystem and industry expertise.  
Customer Focus: Dell will continue to keep customers at the center of everything that they do.
A necessary evolution
These enhancements will not only address customer demand for purpose-built, holistic technology solutions—it will also address Dell partners’ key concerns and desire to simplify the way they do business while adding incremental value to their portfolio as well. Because together, Dell and its partners are stronger, more competitive, and more profitable.
Learn more about the Dell Technologies Partner Program.
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