Partners have always been essential to Dell Technologies. But now, as customers change why and how they buy technology, these trusted advisor relationships are becoming more critically important. Organizations recognize that to meet their cloud first goals, and truly transform themselves digitally they must engage data center provider partners. And they’re specifically interested in engaging Partners who can help them put their workloads where they work best by incorporating only world-class technology to do so.

The upside far outweighs the downside

If there is any downside here, it’s that the “business as usual” of selling into customer-owned data centers will certainly diminish. The reason for this is that multi-cloud is the standard for most organizations. In fact, 78% of cloud users leverage multiple public clouds.¹  So the upside is that multi-cloud offers even more extensive opportunities for joint success in capturing new customers, expanding existing accounts, increasing margins, generating recurring revenue, and driving growth.

How do partners seize this enormous opportunity? The answer is by providing cloud adjacent, sovereign solutions that incorporate infrastructure, interconnection, services, and trusted technical and vertical market expertise. 

Dell Technologies + Partners = A Complete Ecosystem for Customer Success

Dell is taking great strides to help partners deliver the cloud adjacent and cloud sovereign solutions today’s cloud buyers demand.  Dell Technologies provides an industry-leading portfolio and solutions1 available as-a-Service through Dell Technologies APEX. Partners provide the cloud global fabric, interconnection, and co-location capabilities that facilitate workloads’ utilization of public cloud resources while accounting for latency, security, and control.

This results in an interconnected enterprise which focuses on workload optimization. Customers want to consume services and drive outcomes, not invest in assets in order to keep them up and running. The partner opportunity lies in showing customers how these next-generation deployment models can help them modernize and simplify their IT and in turn realize their business goals and objectives.

Win By Helping Customers Optimize Workloads

As customers seek outcomes, workload placement is critical. They’re discovering that classic shared, dedicated, and edge deployment models work well enough for some workloads, but aren’t their best options for complex, demanding workloads such as:

Traditional workloads that are too expensive to refactor   

Interdependent workloads that interact with feeder systems and edge devices

Heavy workloads including OLTP, DBM, HPC, and analytics

Repatriation targets for workloads that encounter issues where they are deployed

And while organizations want to assign the best location for each workload, they have a strong desire for consistent and automated management to help use cloud resources effectively.2

You can help customers optimize even their most demanding workloads with three next-generation deployment models:

Sovereign Adjacency: Combines dedicated Dell Technologies infrastructure with direct, high-speed interconnection and proximity to public clouds, SaaS providers, partners, and suppliers within a single physical facility 

Interconnected Enterprise: Multiplies, connects, and integrates Sovereign Adjacency with secure, fast, private, on-demand infrastructure

Intelligent Edge: Transforms information into insight by delivering edge data to cloud-native analytics, machine learning, AI, and other data platforms

Next-generation deployment models give customers complete control over their workloads. They minimize latency, amplify performance, enhance security, simplify compliance, and keep costs under control by aligning IT resources with organizational demands. At the edge, next-generation deployment models enable customers to build business ecosystems informed and empowered by pervasive, real-time visibility and intelligence.

Partners are Essential Because Partnership is Essential

Workload optimization based on next-generation deployment models generates complete solutions that enable customers to drive outcomes and achieve their goals. It’s a powerful new value proposition and a story that aligns naturally with the dynamics of our marketplace.

Partnership is the primary strategy for adapting and succeeding as customers evolve their requirements, decision-making processes, and purchasing patterns. Next-generation deployment models provide a distinct value proposition for delivering comprehensive support to customers and earning their trust as trusted advisors, not just suppliers. 

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1 Dell Technologies is #1 in infrastructure, IDC Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2021Q3, December 7, 2021, Vendor Revenue and IDC Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker, 2021Q3, December 7, 2021, Vendor Revenue

2 HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy Survey

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