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Your customers are demanding “consumption-based computing” – are you prepared to deliver?

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According to a joint Dell and Intel Future Workforce study, 80% of workers want the ability to “work anywhere”, and 50 percent of the workforce will be remote in the future. With numbers like this, it is becoming increasingly evident that the workforce wants mobility and flexibility in how and when they work. 

This trend has led to a new workplace model commonly referred to as ‘consumption-based computing’. 

What is consumption-based computing?

Simply put, a consumption-based model allows the business to pay according to the IT resources used. This is a valuable workplace model because with this new trend of “working from anywhere”, most organizations have workloads and data that require elastic capacity; that is, the ability scale IT resources up or down based upon the dynamic needs of their users. By moving from a CAPEX to OPEX financial model, and paying only for the technology that they use, businesses are freeing up significant financial resources for other projects.

Greater value for your customers means increased profitability for you

To better respond to the IT needs of customers today, you’ll need to provide IT-as-a-Service by bringing the cloud-like agility their organizations demand. And Dell Technologies APEX offering is just the right solution to meet customers’ needs and catapult your IT practice capabilities at the same time. 

APEX is purpose-built for accelerating digital transformation. APEX delivers on Dell Technologies’ multi-year vision of being the preeminent as-a-Service everywhere provider. With initial solutions launching this year, and then building a consumption-based portfolio over time, Dell Technologies commitment to this mission is rock solid.  

Today’s business customers are tech savvy. And they only want to engage with IT partners who can demonstrate their ability to deliver on desired business outcomes. Most importantly, they want a simpler experience while consuming the technology required to accomplish their business goals and objectives.

Expand your as-a-Service portfolio and build your reputation

Consumption-based computing has presented a whole new world of revenue and growth opportunities for solution providers. You can seize this opportunity immediately by leveraging APEX to deliver the agility and speed that customers demand, while unlocking new recurring revenue streams for you.

Ready to get started? Learn more about APEX here

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