Today you can provide customers with the best AI performance and simplify sourcing, deployment, and management of AI infrastructure with cutting edge technology specially designed for the Generative AI era. The Dell Technologies family of end-to-end AI-ready solutions is your ticket for delivering AI to your customers while growing your AI business.
Let’s take a quick peek at the lineup.
PowerEdge Servers for AI
With GenAI, turn your customers’ ideas to action faster using Dell AI-optimized PowerEdge Servers. PowerEdge XE servers offer superior acceleration and diverse GPU options. Most notably, the PowerEdge R760xa boasts high PCIe card density.
Storage for AI
Protect your customers’ data and handle massive amounts of unstructured data with a flexible and scalable storage solution that is purpose-built to handle large volumes of data with exceptional performance. You can easily optimize their AI foundation with a scalable data platform that helps them realize ROI for AI and GenAI investments.
Data Management for AI
Unlock customer data from edge, to core, to multicloud, to drive their analytics, AI, and GenAI workloads. Help them to immediately simplify locating, accessing, and processing data across environments. Furthermore, you can enable them with quicker access to data to speed model tuning and business outcomes.
Precision Workstations
Provide customers with AI platforms and solutions they need for faster, more intelligent outcomes. Outfit them with workstations that are tailored to simplify fine-tuning, development, and deployment of GenAI workloads, and that accelerate rapid prototyping. These devices are perfect for sandbox environments and a cost-effective alternative for domain and enterprise-based large language models (LLMs).
APEX for Generative AI
Grow your services business with the capabilities of multicloud design and AI seamlessly by leveraging as-a-Service solutions powered by Dell APEX. Introduce customers to the products they need to provide them with greater simplicity, agility, and control. You can help them to choose their preferred GenAI products, easily configure their capabilities, and deliver your value-added services.
Bringing Generative AI to your customer organizations has never been easier. Discover how you can accelerate your business by leveraging the potential of GenAI in partnership with Dell Technologies by visiting the Partner Portal here.

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