Even though it is still very early in the game, Generative AI is already being put to work on an enormous scale by customer organizations, as well as by individuals. This was evident in a recent Dell Technologies survey where 91 percent of business and IT leaders report they are using Generative AI in their lives in some capacity. According to the survey, 71 percent indicated they had used Gen AI for work.
While Generative AI will be a game changer for customer organizations, it also presents a double-edged sword. The benefits are obvious, however in the rush toward adoption, it’s tempting for business leaders to move too quickly, and in turn bypass important considerations involving their data, compliance, governance, and other risks. This is where the need for experienced and trusted Generative AI advisors’ involvement is crucial. It is especially true where customers need partners to help them determine the strategic vision and use cases for their Gen AI projects. Partners are key in providing guidance for their planned investments, long-term strategy decisions, and how business needs and outcomes need to be correctly identified for the intended use cases.
Having and Using Customer Quality Data is Key
First and foremost, quality data is the crucial ingredient of all your customers’ Generative AI projects. The more they use their own data for their projects, the greater the value these projects will be to their organization. Since their data is powerful and unique, the more they leverage it, the further they can lean into domain and enterprise specific use cases.  These are use cases with focused industry value involving particular tasks or functions that only they alone have data on.
While data will accelerate their Generative AI projects forward, customers may not be aware of the potential risks of hosting their Generative AI models in public clouds. These risks include intellectual property loss, privacy issues, credibility and integrity loss, data leakage, compliance violations, bias, and IP infringement. Also, as their Generative AI capabilities and use cases mature, they will likely need to right-size their current infrastructures to optimize outcomes. These two aspects alone present major opportunity for trusted AI advisors, as intensive use cases will likely require high-performance AI-optimized servers.
Dell is the Gen AI Partner of Choice for You and Your Customers
Dell Technologies can help you to help your customers to overcome obstacles and enable enterprise-wide Generative AI adoption through an end-to-end holistic approach from the desktop to the data center. You can take full advantage of a comprehensive Generative AI services portfolio to grow your business while helping customers map out strategies to expose the value from data silos and data lakes, close skillset gaps, and determine the right infrastructure for their Generative AI future.
Learn more about how you can bring AI to your customers’ data and successfully create and implement Generative AI projects of all shapes and sizes.

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