There’s no debate that Generative AI is the business driver of the century. It has ushered in with it the same level of transformative capabilities for organizations and enterprises as the Internet did in the 1990s. And much like with the emergence of the Internet, it also brings daunting complexity and in turn, questions around what model to choose.
In the race to produce business outcomes, organizations must recognize and mitigate the accompanying risks such as data protection, security and cost controls. The simple fact is, capitalizing on the extraordinary potential of GenAI is easier said than done. So, while GenAI shows exciting potential for innovation, it also presents numerous challenges regarding strategy, implementation and risk as well.
In order to better understand what’s limiting or preventing customer organizations from embracing these technologies, Dell Technologies has surveyed 500 IT Leaders from several countries to generate important insights around readiness and potential. Their goal is to arm their partners and shared customers with visibility into the very real but hard-to-reach opportunity that is GenAI.
The Dell GenAI Pulse Survey organizes findings into 3 key themes:
1. The opportunity of GenAI: GenAI is the accelerator of the decade, and innovative companies are poised to capture this massive and potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But where to start and how to demonstrate the value it promises?
2.The speed paradox:  Go fast but do it right. Most IT leaders surveyed expect meaningful results within the next 12 months. However, hesitancy exists. Organizations are tasked with moving fast to uncover immediate outcomes, but how do this and ensure long-term success?
3.Bring AI to your data- Learn from IT leaders who are already on their GenAI journey and are on track to deliver meaningful results. Learn about the right GenAI models for success.
To learn more about what is top of mind with customers who are considering where to start – or more importantly, where to end up with GenAI, visit Dell’s GenAI Pulse Survey here.

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