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Best Practices for Putting Cloud Technologies to Work for Customers

A new path forward | Going digital with HCI for competitive advantage

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Recent challenges across multiple industries have massively accelerated the trend to digitization, forcing companies to radically change their operations. Specifically, today’s forward-looking businesses are looking to make the move to a more flexible architecture that enables execution from the edge to the core to the cloud.
Per a recent study by market intelligence firm, IDC, digital leaders are:
50% more likely to grow revenues by more than 10%.
158% more likely to use automation and orchestration extensively.
163% more likely to use programmable infrastructure extensively.
In fact, between 2020 and 2023, it is expected that $6.8 trillion will be invested into digital transformation. 
While these numbers are certainly promising, digital transformation is, of course, no easy task. It can be time consuming and costly for a company that is unsure what steps to take, let alone which steps to take first. As a solution provider backed by the support of an agile IT provider in Dell Technologies, you can help orchestrate your customer’s digital transformation by providing them with a modern HCI platform with value-added services and guidance they need to successfully modernize their business operations. And Dell recognizes that today, there is no “one size fits all” solution anymore. So, there is a portfolio of HCI offerings to choose from depending on a particular customer’s desired IT outcomes, current infrastructure, and operational model.
Take, for example, VxRail, a hyperconverged infrastructure solution built by Dell EMC and jointly engineered with VMWare, which allows for easy adoption and simplified deployment to better meet business needs. Of course, it includes compute, storage, networking, and virtualization resources all running on a single device. But where Dell EMC VxRail can differentiate itself lies in the propriety VxRail HCI System Software that extends VMware’s native capabilities to deliver a seamless, automated, operational experience. 
Of course, the VxRail platform is just one of Dell Technologies HCI offerings that can help your customers with the digitization of their business operations. To provide agile IT solutions like VxRail (or any other Dell HCI portfolio offering), the time to transition from providing siloed hardware to value-added solutions, starts right now. The digitization revolution is upon us, and it is crucial that solution providers begin delivering a modern platform with the right services to meet their customers’ every need. Those that do not evolve can expect to lose their customers to providers who have the value-added services in place to meet modern infrastructure expectations. 
Dell Technologies HCI solutions can help you solve many of your customers’ pain points and help shift your business model to better serve your clients. 
Learn more about the HCI market opportunity that agile IT and digital transformation is driving for valued partners by checking out this short "motion infographic".
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