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Best Practices for Putting Cloud Technologies to Work for Customers

It just became easier than ever to bring AI capabilities to your customers

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Most organizations today that want to put Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work in their enterprise. It is widely accepted that to realize greater business insights and gain a competitive edge, AI is the best way to get there. The major barrier to implementation  for many organizations is the complexity of integrating AI solutions with infrastructure. As with any new technology, adoption, and execution can be a daunting experience. This is especially true when the in-house talent is lacking expertise in the new technology, and the organization’s focus is on the day-to-day demands of business operations. This presents an enormous opportunity for solution providers to deliver the right combination of AI product and expertise. 
Dell Technologies and NVIDIA empower you in delivering AI to customers easily and quickly 
Dell Technologies has collaborated with NVIDIA to provide a curated, simplified experience, making it easier than ever to deploy, scale and manage AI infrastructure and workloads so you can deliver the business advantages of AI to your customers. Recently, Dell Technologies announced the certification of Dell EMC VxRail for the newly available NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite. NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software that is optimized, certified, and supported by NVIDIA to run on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA-Certified Systems. It includes key enabling technologies from NVIDIA for rapid deployment, management, and scaling of AI workloads in the modern hybrid cloud.
What is even more exciting is that VxRail is the first  HCI system  to achieve certification with NVIDIA. As the only HCI system jointly engineered with VMware to enhance its solutions, VxRail delivers a fully-curated HCI platform with end-to-end automation including single-click, full stack lifecycle management. The NVIDIA-Certified VxRail systems have been tested specifically with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite. This removes the guesswork  from determining which VxRail and NVIDIA GPU configuration is best for your customers’ AI workloads. 
Simplifying the AI experience for partners and shared customers 
While VxRail and NVIDIA GPUs deliver the performance needed for any AI workload, the most compelling aspect here is how Dell Technologies collaborated with NVIDIA to simplify the entire AI implementation and operational experience - from procurement to deployment to day-to-day operations and lifecycle management. VxRail HCI System Software delivers end-to-end automation and LCM, along with native integration with existing VMware management tools which helps reduce the complexity of adopting NVIDIA AI Enterprise in VMware environments. 
Customers adopting NVIDIA AI Enterprise can seamlessly manage their infrastructure and application from a single console so that AI resources can be managed more efficiently and effectively, which saves time and money.  
What helps set VxRail apart is Dell’s ongoing laser focus on system software innovation. Continuous enhancements made to VxRail HCI System Software gives partners and shared customers greater control over AI installations. Customers can then validate, orchestrate, and automate cluster deployment on their own timeline. This is ideal for enterprises with remote or distributed AI environments. 
High performance and flexible scaling are critical to AI, ML, and data analytics workloads
In June, Dell Technologies announced that the VxRail V Series now offers NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU options. When combined with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVMe caching capabilities, these configurations offer greater performance and simpler deployment for demanding AI and ML applications. According to an NVIDIA blog post, the A100 delivers world-class AI performance with up to 20x the performance of the previous generation GPU. With A100 and other NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs, NVIDIA AI Enterprise is optimized for performance and can run AI workloads at near bare-metal speeds with new optimizations for GPU acceleration on vSphere.
Customers also have the option to support larger and more complex AI training and data analytics that may need more boosted scale-out performance with the recently announced VxRail dynamic nodes that take advantage of VMware HCI Mesh to share vSAN storage pools while flexibly growing compute-only resources.
Deploying AI in customer enterprises with confidence
The rapid pace of AI innovation makes designing and implementing an effective AI infrastructure challenging. Dell Technologies works with NVIDIA to eliminate the guesswork so you can design and deploy faster using VxRail configurations (V570, V570F and V670F) that are specifically and rigorously tested with NVIDIA AI Enterprise to deliver the best solution for specific AI use cases. This means that both you and your customers can deploy with confidence knowing that their mission-critical AI projects will stay on track thanks to the world class support from NVIDIA and Dell Technologies that the industry has come to expect. 
Learn how you can put AI to work in your customers’ enterprises by attending The Accelerate Modern Applications and Speed Up Analytics with NVIDIA and Dell Technologies webinar on September 1. It will also be available on-demand. For even more information on VxRail, click here
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