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Research Review | Emergen Research predicts substantial growth in the HCI marketplace

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As hyper-converged infrastructure technology continues to advance, sales of HCI solutions continue to accelerate at a brisk pace as well. End user enterprises are passing over traditional siloed storage, server, and networking products and instead choosing hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions. As this occurs it is redefining the customer data center as improved simplicity, agility, and IT management are becoming the de facto standard in the digital era.
According to a latest analysis by Emergen Research, the global Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) market size was USD $7.34 Billion in 2020. It is expected to reach USD $48.17 Billion and register a CAGR of 26.8% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2028. Key drivers of this growth are the increasing risk of data breaches, threats of cyber-attacks, data leaks and unauthorized device access. To address these, HCI systems typically provide the security, autonomous backup, and recovery capabilities that are flexible and dependable enough for every type of file, database, and unstructured data type. 
Emergen also predicted that the small and medium size enterprise (SME) segment revenue “is expected to expand at a significantly rapid CAGR during the forecast period”. Their findings state that SMEs encounter major challenges in the areas of financing, expertise, and scaling. This is where HCI benefits them especially. HCI provides a pay-as-you-go model which allows them to manage their IT infrastructure as necessary, while also increasing overall business efficiency. Due to the advantages in scalability and cost efficiencies that HCI brings, Emergen expects this trend to continue in the SME marketplace over the full forecast period. 
This portends great news for solution providers of all types. Rising demand for better data security and disaster recovery solutions, along with the need to improve workload performance are in demand from SMEs everywhere. The challenge for them is that most, if not all these organizations lack the in-house skills, personnel, and expertise to successfully transition their environments over to HCI. This presents an excellent opportunity for today’s enterprising solution providers to grow their businesses while helping customers succeed. 
Access the Emergen Research HCI Market Size results here.
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