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5G technology opens the floodgates for solution providers to sell new products and services

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With digital transformation accelerating at a breakneck pace, the need for reliable connectivity technology has increased exponentially. 5G technology possesses all the capabilities to make a significant impact at both the commercial and consumer levels to pave the way for the future of communications. Dell Technologies’ estimates that 40 percent of global networks will be covered by 5G in 2024. That means that roughly 25 percent of all worldwide mobile traffic will be driven by 5G.
5G has all the potential to transform how we use data. Its ultra-fast and ultra-reliable connections can relay information without network delays between people, as well as between densely populated machines. And while 5G will also accelerate the development of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Edge, machine learning and the Internet of Things (loT), there are many important business applications that customers are using right now that can be optimized and maximized. 
Help customers transform how they work with the new 5G-capable Latitude laptop or 2-in-1
A great way to intoduce customers to the power of 5G is through the 5G-capable Dell Latitude 9420 and 9520 with built-in AI and up to 11th Generation Intel Core i7- 1185G7, 28 W processor. It sports the features and functionality that customers need in today’s data era, especially so in the hybrid workplace.
5G download speeds 15 times faster than 4G
80 percent battery charge in an hour with up to up to 18 hours and 19 minutes of battery life with Intel i7-1185G7, 16GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, FHD Non-Touch Display, and 88 Whr battery
Innovative 5G design that incorporates 5G antennas into the speakers
Dell Optimizer software automatically improves application performance
Join video conferences form anywhere with speakerphone with Intelligent Audio
The industry's first automatic SafeShutter knows when to open and close for added privacy or take control with keyboard mute keys. Aimed at malicious hackers, these keys provide an extra layer of hardware security ensuring the mic is muted and SafeShutter is closed.
Accelerate and grow your business by providing customers with value added services
In addition to the cool features and functionality of the 5G-capable Latitude, you can also increase customer productivity, efficiencies, and security in a myriad of ways.
The 9420 & 9520 are a more secure and less hackable solution since the vulnerabilities of home, café and hotel routers are removed
Priceless anywhere connectivity. The house, garden, shared office, customer site, train, park, library, etc.
Low latency empowers exceptional conferencing capabilities
Ability for immediate customer PC support through remote assist
System tracking features enable disablement if the device is lost or stolen
5G is already set to be the next generation of network connectivity and will transform the customer enterprise the way we know it. The 5G-capable Latitude is an excellent way to get your customers introduced to 5G and how it can be a springboard to extending their business. 
Learn more about the 5G-capable Latitude 9510 by downloading the infographic below. 
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