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Case Study: Product supply and full lifecycle management firm helps customers efficiently consume IT

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Today’s enterprises are under more pressure than ever before to get their Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Sustainability initiatives right. When confronted with the pressing need to address climate change and run their company more sustainably, most business leaders are more than happy to play their part; however, it is easier said than done. 

There is a core challenge of fragmentation – where do you make these changes, and by how much. Then, there’s the fact that these standards are constantly in a state of flux, shifting and adapting to new regulations and market trends. The data required to meet these varying requirements creates a lot of additional complexity to manage.

To meet modern sustainability goals, enterprises are turning to solution providers to collect relevant data, analyze it, and deliver back recommendations that meet their sustainability targets in a way that is effective, efficient, and empowering. 

Case study: Embracing the need for green

Sweden-based, independent IT solution provider, Lifecycle IT, focuses on product supply and full lifecycle management, from sourcing to recycling and resale. The company essentially bridges the gap between large IT service companies and small providers.

Lifecycle IT co-founder Rasmus Mellerup recognized that they needed to work with a technology partner that would support their vision of helping customers better consume IT in a more cost-effective and sustainable way. This idea, if you will, was being driven by customer demand for greener IT as part of CSR initiatives, as well as the company’s own personal commitment to incorporating more sustainable technologies and solutions into its proposals.

They found their ideal partner in Dell Technologies. 

Why Dell Technologies is the right partner

Mellerup was impressed by Dell Technologies approach to sustainability. “The environmental work that Dell Technologies does is outstanding, and it’s a really big selling point for our customers,” he explains. 

Mellerup goes on to highlight pledges by Dell Technologies to support the circular economy and reduce e-waste, as well as its commitment run a sustainable global supply chain, as key determining factors. Other reasons for Lifecycle IT to choose Dell Technologies include: 

·       Wide range of products

·       Pricing transparency 

·       Brand reputation

Key differentiator: Carbon reports

One of the key things that Lifecycle IT provides its customers – which their competitors do not – is a carbon report. These reports detail the impact of products on the environment, from manufacturing to eventual data erasure and disposal. 

Lifecycle IT’s customers include this information within their quarterly or annual CSR/ESG reports, helping to prove their own sustainability credentials. They are able to gather this information via the technologies and solutions that Dell provides them. 

How this change led to growth

By partnering with Dell Technologies, Lifecycle IT went from a start-up model to having a roster of 80 clients, which the company provides solutions in six areas: IT-Workplace, AV-Solutions, Software, Enterprise, Cloud Solutions and Recycle.

Lifecycle IT also provisions Dell’s ProSupport Services, which means the company can focus on looking after clients and securing new business knowing that that Dell technicians are on hand to help. “We provide ProSupport as part of a monthly lease payment, so we know Dell Technologies is there to take care of any issues,” Mellerup explains. 

Looking ahead

Lifecycle IT aims to double its business by sales volume in the year ahead and expand its workforce, too. Dell Technologies will continue to play a vital role in the company’s growth going forward, including new opportunities around the provisioning of secure remote work set-ups based on VPNs. 

 “What’s driving our success is the determination of our team to make a difference with our environmental proposition, the confidence of our customers in the financial arrangements we have in place, and the quality of products we provide,” Mellerup concludes.

Learn how the Dell Technologies Partner Program can help your practice put in place the sustainable solutions needed for your customers to achieve their sustainability goals. 



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