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Dell Precision Compact Workstation Empowers Filmmakers to Create Without Constraints

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Combe Valley Campers is a three-part entity: First and foremost, it is a campervan conversion and repair facility located in southeastern England. Secondly, it is an ecommerce site that provides buyers with parts and utilities needed to build or otherwise repair their campervan. Lastly, Combe Valley Campers is a media company that provides how-to videos, podcasts, and blogs that help today’s DIY-er convert, build, and repair their campervan. 
The latter service began a few years back when Leigh Hicks, the director of Combe Valley Campers, posted a video to a forum that documented his efforts building a campervan. The series received positive feedback and so Leigh decided to pursue these efforts with additional material focused on building, converting, and maintaining campervans. 
The series grew into a regular production schedule that publishes a new video every week. As one can imagine, this is a lot of work, between production set-up, filming, etc. But the real investment in time was being spent editing the videos. Hours were spent every week fine tuning the clips into a quality video worth publishing to their YouTube channel. 
Upgrading from a commercial PC to a Dell Precision Compact Workstation
Much of the time spent editing was due to the older-styled desktop computer that Combe Valley Campers was using. This became an even greater task when the team updated their equipment—4k cameras, improved lighting, and more, along with the addition of effects, transitions, and color grading. Needless to say, their older commercial PC couldn’t handle this increased workload and so they sought out a better model.
Enter Dell Technologies’ Precision Compact Workstation. The Combe Valley Campers staff has remarked on the workstations compact design and how incredibly fast it is, specifically noting its ability to capably handle 4k footage with ease. This has sped up processing time as the team works on editing the videos, allowing for the filming and uploading of these videos to be completed within 24 hours, as opposed to a few days.
Intelligent Performance + Mission-Critical Reliability = Improved Productivity
Dell’s Precision Compact workstation delivers intelligent performance and mission-critical reliability to conquer the most demanding applications across all industries. From the Combe Valley Campers film and editing team to architects and engineers, Dell’s Precision system is engineered with features your customers need to bring their ideas to life:
Intelligent Performance
Dell’s Precision workstations include Dell Optimizer for Precision, a feature which uses Artificial Intelligence to learn how a user works and adapts to their style to create a smarter, more-personal experience. This results in improved system responsiveness, better application performance, storage, and audio optimization and more reliable network connectivity.
Mission-Critical Reliability
Dell’s Precision workstations are Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certified to ensure the high-performance applications your customers rely on every day runs smoothly. Additionally, Dell’s exclusive Reliable Memory Pro software works with ECC memory to identify and map out bad memory sectors, alerting the user when the memory is at a critical level and needs replaced — providing layers of protection against memory related errors.
Help your customers create without constraints 
The ultra-small form factor and numerous mounting options, such as behind the monitor or under the desk, make the Dell Precision Compact Workstation ideal for space-constrained workspaces that need workstation-class performance and reliability; workspaces like a campervan conversion facility that posts weekly DIY videos.
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