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Dell Technologies’ Digital Marketing Tool helps bring in new business

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Developing a professional-looking campaign requires a lot of time and money, both of which are in short supply in most channel partners’ businesses. To help ease this burden, Dell Technologies developed the Digital Marketing Tool. 
What is the Digital Marketing Tool?
The Dell Technologies Digital Marketing Tool helps partners target the right prospects to improve sales success by providing enterprise-level marketing tools to run their own activities. More simply, Dell supplies the content, so the partner needn’t worry about a thing — simply launch the activities and track contacts from prospect to opportunity. 
Everything is at the partner’s fingertips: rich content and beautiful pictures, all with the appropriate copyright and all on a single platform. Users simply customize what they wish to use and send it out. This saves time, simplifies work, and removes the headache of the partner having to find out whether they have the right to use that content.
A closer look at the Digital Marketing Tool

The Digital Marking Tool makes it easy to execute a full, end-to-end campaign with emails, social media, infographics, landing pages, and more. It contains a broad array of content across both Dell and Dell EMC lines of business, including material from Dell’s Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, PowerEdge servers, Unity storage, and Medium Business campaigns. 
No matter a partner’s specialty, the appropriate Dell Technologies marketing content can be found here:
Website Content: With syndicated web content, a partner’s site is automatically updated with information about Dell Technologies solutions, saving time and money. It is easy to use, customizable, and designed to fit seamlessly within a partner’s site. 
Email Marketing: With ready-to-use partner-centric Dell Technologies email campaigns, partners can create their own leads, send prospects the latest offers and industry information, and upsell existing customers in a few simple steps.
Website Analytics: Through enhanced website analytics, integrated with a partner’s Social Media Syndication set up, partners will have insight into people within their social community who visit their website. This lets them better target the right level of contacts within prospective organizations.
Social Media: Dell makes it easy by providing the content. Partners then maintain the level of control that works for them. Simply set the posts to auto-publish or choose to edit and approve posts before sending. 
The Digital Marketing Tool does more than support a partner’s campaigns — it helps align the partner’s company with the bigger Dell, Dell EMC and Dell Technologies brands, thereby increasing their overall visibility.
In summary
Here are three key takeaways about the Dell Technologies Digital Marketing Tool:
1.     Using the Digital Marketing Tool allows partners to clearly communicate their company’s unique strengths and selling points, backed up by the strong Dell, Dell EMC, and Dell Technologies brand. 
2.     The Digital Marketing Tool helps build on what is already being done. Whether it’s social marketing using Twitter or LinkedIn, emails to existing prospects, or lead generation using plug-ins, the Digital Marketing Tool provides everything needed to expand current efforts.
3.     Simply launch the activities and track contacts from prospect to opportunity.
The Dell Technologies Digital Marketing Tool is great because partners can set it and then forget it. The campaigns run themselves, keeping partners informed of all leads, downloads, and prospect interactions.  
Check-out the Dell Technologies Digital Marketing Tool today and see how you can benefit, or have a look at an overview of the content available to you on Dell's Fast Access Guide
If you haven’t experienced the digital marketing tool yet, be sure to take a look at their activation guide first.
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