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Why personas matter when mapping tech solutions

Organizations world-wide are accelerating their hybrid work environments and the most successful ones are making the employee experience at the center of it all. Putting the right tech in the hands of users is more important than ever. As such, Dell Technologies has redefined their commercial end-user personas at Dell Technologies, based on the unique workstyles and pain points of the hybrid workforce. It’s no longer about where work gets done, but how work gets done. The bottom line: how workers produce and the functions they perform should determine the technology solutions they employ – not the other way around. 

Some things that Dell has heard from their customers:

• Many companies switched to remote in the past two years out of the need for business continuity. Frequently, that worked out surprisingly well, inspiring their acceleration of hybrid work – often as a long-term strategy.

• Today, businesses continue to have at least part of their workforce working from anywhere, including the office, their homes and wherever they might be traveling.

• It appears that people can make the best of all working environments. It just takes planning and the right technologies to make this successful.

• Remote and hybrid working from anywhere are here to stay. Employees love the ability to work from anywhere because they feel it’s productive and empowering. It’s also what many job candidates and new hires expect.

Survey results support this trend

In a global survey, (conducted by Vanson Bourne in partnership with VMware and Dell Technologies in 2020 of 5,700 IT, HR and business decision-makers), 63% of respondents said collaboration has either increased or stayed the same since they started working remotely. Additionally, 73% of ITDMs, HR and business decision-makers agree that working from anywhere sparks companywide innovation. 

Hybrid work requires modern technology-based considerations

Wherever employees work, personalized user experiences and collaboration must be considered as essential elements to productivity. Hybrid work requires a seamless integration of people’s workspaces across home, roam, and office locations. Network technology and software are critical, and businesses also need to evaluate desks, docks, monitors, and conference rooms. Other critical considerations are:

Security- Security remains a high priority and requires an end-to-end security plan to protect the entire organization. Depending on the nature of a company’s data, applications and industry determine whether they need a VPN or full end-to-end encryption or if employees can safely sign into a web portal.

Ecosystem - It’s essential to make sure that employees have the right devices and workspace ecosystem with the right software and support.  

Sustainability - An important topic that is growing in appeal. In this regard, Dell devices are designed with sustainability in mind - from recycled plastics and materials in devices and packaging to circular end-of-life solutions.

The four commercial end user personas Dell has identified in the modern workforce

Dell Technologies has taken the time to conduct the due diligence in compiling hybrid work personas, so that you don’t have to. They are as follows:

Builder – Driven to build and grow the business, often acting as the face of the organization. They’re driven to build relationships and move companies forward. Think of executives or customer-facing sales as Builders.

Specialist - Driven to specialize in unique, creative, and complex fields. These are the individuals in an organization who generate focused work and perform detailed analysis. They solve difficult challenges in a logical and detail-oriented manner. You can imagine researchers, data scientists and creatives to be within this persona.

Connector - Driven to connect teams and ensure collaboration. Connectors connect both people and data in a company, ensuring organizations run smoothly. Collaboration is a top priority. You can imagine product or project managers, team leaders come to mind as we think of Connectors.

Producer - Driven to produce results and strives for efficiency. They are the ones who day-in and day-out deliver for our organizations. They are more task oriented, and with this comes the desire to accomplish those tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is the largest persona with a high degree of verticals spanning roles such as accountants, IT administrators, front office, manufacturing floor, call centers, and the like.  

The right tools for the right persona

The good news here is that Dell Technologies has eliminated the guesswork from choosing the right tools for the job with persona-based solutions tailored to each end user’s needs. From the device plus monitors and accessories, to intelligent software and support, their persona solutions not only elevate the employee experience but are easy to find – and even easier to purchase.

Want to learn more about how to map tech solutions to customer personas? Visit the Dell Persona Solutions Accessories E Guide here.



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