Managing day-to-day PC lifecycle technologies often leaves IT departments little time to discover and engage with opportunities that could drive business transformation. This has led to an idea referred to as “Device as a Service” (DaaS) which, in short, was created to help improve material cost savings, IT efficiencies, and overall device refresh turnaround time. Companies that engage with DaaS solutions are enjoying more flexibility, they can drive business outcomes by better allocating IT resources which, among other things, improves the employee experience. 

It’s a fast-growing trend and one that you can certainly take advantage of today with Dell Technologies and its PC as a Service (PCaaS) solution. 

Why should you move away from transactional PC sales and instead focus on Dell PCaaS?

Dell PCaaS serves as a total solution for your customer, as it includes hardware, software, and lifecycle services at a single, predictable monthly price. When you and your customers utilize Dell PCaaS, the time and budget savings mean they can focus on transformative activities that drive true business value.

Understanding the business outcomes of PCaaS

Among some of the key benefits your customers will enjoy with Dell PCaaS:

OS management, including the transition to the new Windows 11.

Dell ProDeploy Client Suite, including Modern Provisioning, for efficient, quick, and expert deployment.

Stay ahead of issues with proactive 24x7 support from Dell ProSupport Suite for PCs. 

Asset Recovery and Recycling for full lifecycle management that maximize material value and usage.

By engaging with Dell PCaaS, you are afforded many more upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Your customers will enjoy full, seamless ecosystems that enable their employees to work anywhere, anytime, and perhaps most importantly, securely. 

This will, in turn, help you build robust, long-term customer relationships and recurring revenue streams.

Help your customers make the move to PCaaS

Interested in learning more? Join Dell and IDC for an informative webinar that will review Dell PC as a Service. 

During the session, you will learn about:

·        PCaaS market opportunity

·        Why you and your customers should adopt a PCaaS strategy

·        Uncovering opportunities and closing the sale

·        Supporting adopters and converting resistors

·        Working together to deliver PCaaS

The webinar takes place Wednesday, October 20 at 10am EST. Register now. 

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