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Innovate from anywhere using new mobile Precision workstations

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Traditionally, workstations were large desktop or desk-side machines that kept users tethered to the workplace or educational institution. With the growing work and learn from anywhere trend, this has all changed. In the new era employees, knowledge workers and students expect to be able to not only work and learn remotely, but to have the ability to create and innovate from anywhere as well. With the desktop performance available in mobile form factors from Dell Technologies, this is all possible.
For those customers who want to work from wherever they are this new reality comes to market courtesy of the latest additions to the thin and light Dell Precision 5560 and 5760 mobile workstations. The Dell Precision 7560 and 7760 mobile workstations offer powerful and scalable. All four models feature the latest Intel processors, professional NVIDIA graphics and the AI-based Dell Optimizer for Precision software, which fuels innovation and increases productivity. These features enhance many key capabilities including applications, connectivity, audio, and sign-in optimization, as well as performance analytics and reporting. 
For users who want to learn from anywhere, the newly redesigned Precision 3560 is perfect for both students and entry-level CAD users who need powerful performance for courses that involve large data analysis and visualization, but don’t want to spend too much on their technology.
Precision mobile workstations were made for creators and designers
Dell Precision delivers versatile designs, intelligent performance, and mission critical reliability to conquer the most demanding applications across the industries.  From award-winning filmmakers and animators to state-of-the-art architects and engineers, Dell’s expansive professional portfolio enables you to customize the right workstation for customers and optimize them for their creative expertise.  
Every Dell Precision system is engineered with features your customers need to bring their biggest and best ideas to life.  Dell Technologies knows this because of user feedback from advisory councils and conversations with their sales teams. 
You can help your customers experience unconstrained innovation with the new, premium-designed mobile workstations which feature InfinityEdge, UHD, HDR, Touch display options, and advanced thermal technologies that enable them to keep their system running at high speeds for longer times.
Learn more about how you can help your customers become more innovative and productive with the new Precision Workstation family here
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