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Introducing two new Rugged laptops for customers working in extreme conditions

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If your customers work in extreme conditions, one thing you know they can’t afford to worry about is whether the technology they rely upon is as rugged as the job needs it to be. Their safety – in some cases, their lives – depend upon it. 
When working in these extreme environments, the elements that the technology is exposed to can be unforgiving. This includes things like temperature, constant vibration, or exposure to dust and humidity. 
The traditional office laptop cannot survive in environments like this, and that’s what led to “rugged laptops” which can work without interruption in extreme physical conditions. 
Rugged laptops designed to address modern applications
Dell Technologies has been making rugged devices for years now, and they’ve come to be known for housing a decent amount of power in a unit capable of working across various condition types. However, with improvements made in modern applications, there is a need for new rugged laptops. 
This brings us to the all-new Dell Latitude 5430 Rugged and Dell Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme laptops, the company’s latest offerings in the Rugged lineup. Among the high-level benefits that these new devices have to offer your customers: 
Enhanced field productivity with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, with vPro optional
Mission-critical connectivity with Intel® Wi-Fi 6E and optional 5G-capability
Improved daylight-readable and glove-touch capable screens of up to 1400 nits of brightness for optimal field usability
Improved battery run-time to almost 25 hours with dual hot swappable batteries and Express Charge Boost for up to a 35% charge in 20 minutes for 24×7 field operations
A closer look at the Latitude 5430 Rugged Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme laptops
Extremely Light | Extremely Powerful: The Latitude 5430 Rugged can be viewed as an ultra-lightweight, super-powerful 14” semi-rugged laptop. It features Intel®Core™ i7 processor options for increased productivity in the field, along with dual hot-swappable batteries with up to 25-hour battery runtime for always-on field operations and 5G mobile broadband connectivity option. With this laptop, your customers can work to the extreme, in the most extreme of environments.
Compact | 5G Capable: The Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme laptop is a smaller, 5G-capable, 13-inch rugged laptop. Dual hot-swappable batteries with up to 25-hour battery runtime and intelligent ExpressCharge ensure 24x7 operation with no slow-downs, while Intel®Core™ i7 processor options enable enhanced field productivity. With 5G-capable mobile broadband, your customers can stay connected – on and off the grid.
Deliver best-in-class services to your customers
When you leverage Dell Technologies flexible options, you stand to significantly increase your profit potential. Here’s how: 
Deliver these new rugged laptops to your customers quickly and in bulk, while also increasing your eligibility for rebates and incentives
Provide speedy deployment options for every business model with Dell ProDeploy
Empower your customer with ProSupport for direct access to skilled engineers who are ready to respond 24x7 to any, and all IT issues
Help customers get the technology they need now, when they need it – not when their budget dictates so – with Dell Financial Services
Offer 5G mobile connectivity to afford companies the ability to make anywhere their worksite
Additional features
Ruggedness, reliability, and performance are important for customers working in extreme conditions; however, it can’t come at the expense of security. Here, it’s worth noting that both new rugged laptops from Dell come with TPM 2.0 ControlVault™ advanced authentication to secure these devices. Integrated cryptographic keys, contacted and contactless smartcard reader, and touch fingerprint reader options provide additional device security.
It’s also worth noting that Dell offers a wide range of accessories that customers can pair with these laptops. The company allows purchasing external docks for more ports, vehicle docks, as well as rugged handles and straps. There are also software services available to help set up and manage the laptops remotely with ease. 
Dell Latitude Rugged 5430 and 7330 laptops will be globally available for order on December 9, 2021, shipping with Windows 11. Learn more.
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