Smart partners are seizing the opportunity brought about by innovative new client computing solutions to extend discussions into the data center 

Everyone knows that a significant portion of partners’ revenues comes from client computing solutions. This was especially true during the pandemic when PC and peripherals sales were of epic proportions. And while according to recent IDC research the market might be resetting to pre-pandemic size in late 2023, they are also saying that there are growth drivers later in the year and into 2024, which still provides a huge opportunity for client conversations.

This opens the door for partners to jump start discussions with their customers by informing them of all the new and innovative technology that’s been introduced in the personal computing space – and in turn, opening that door even further to upselling opportunities across their entire enterprise. 

Dell Technologies is in the enviable position of being the premier partner to help tech providers have credible conversations in this regard - and in three key ways. Dell can help you broaden this opportunity by:

·       Enhancing your existing product offering

·       Providing a better ecosystem approach to widen your client opportunity

·       Connecting your client conversations into the data center to drive greater value

Enhancing your existing product offering

Dell offers a portfolio of innovative new client products across the full range, with its updated portfolio benefiting from the latest 13th Gen Intel processors and Windows 11 with Bing AI and Phone Link. Some of the most interesting elements of Dell’s new portfolio are a new 16-inch 7000 series Latitude laptop. A 7000 series Dell Precision mobile workstation with the option of thin or performance chassis designs.  A new chassis design for their desktop workstations which improve thermals while providing better access. Dell also announced a simplified OptiPlex lineup with a single BIOS across the range. And finally, to round out the client line, the new 6k UltraSharp monitor, and collaboration keyboard and mouse are cutting edge. This broad range of devices allows partners to help them their customers and meet their needs of the hybrid workforce.

Providing a better ecosystem approach to widen your client opportunity

Dell has significantly upgraded the newest version of Dell Optimizer software. The new enhancements include Dell Peripheral Manager and Dell Display Manager to provide one tool to intelligently optimize your customers’ full Dell experience, giving you a great opportunity to connect a PC sale into the broader ecosystem of displays and client peripherals.

Connecting your client conversations into the data center to drive greater value 

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. Because Dell Technologies is an end-to-end ecosystem provider, you can easily and seamlessly segue your conversation to extend into the data center. Partners can elevate the discussion by broaching the following. 

Security – Leverage client data protection to discuss end-to-end modern security needs starting with a Cyber Security Assessment

Multi-cloud – Creating scalable client devices that can expand with capabilities from the cloud, for example a hybrid client linked to Azure HCI

Data Center Modernization – Is a customer’s data center capable of handing the requirements of a modernized client offering?  

Consumption-based – Dell APEX delivers the public cloud agility they desire and the private cloud control they need

Client solutions are the entry and exit points to the corporate enterprise network. As such, it makes perfect sense for partners to jump start discussions with their customers with the newest and most innovative ways to put client solutions to work. This will naturally lead to upselling opportunities across their entire enterprise and into the data center.

Learn more about Dell’s new client solutions so you can conduct these conversations with your customers by visiting here.  


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