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As an industry leader, Dell Technologies continues to set the standard in display technology. The company’s cutting-edge monitor technology addresses the needs of today’s demanding customers and the way they work, from power users looking for the ultimate in color tools and resolution for their most color-critical projects, to everyday users who need to be productive every minute of the day.

In fact, Dell monitors have been so successful with its customers, Dell has ranked #1 worldwide for 8 years (2014 to 2021) when it comes to customer demand.* 

Why do customers demand Dell monitors?

Dell’s wide portfolio of monitors addresses the ever-evolving needs and demands of the modern customer: 

·       Dell offers a full portfolio of immersive curved displays, from 34” to an expansive 49” model. More screen real estate means more can get done. 

·       Dual monitors boost productivity, especially when aided by virtually borderless views with Dell InfinityEdge monitors which feature super thin borders on all 4 sides. Customers appreciate this design feature as it allows for seamless dual monitor configuration.

·       Seamless large format touch collaboration up to 86” with up to 20-point touch capability. 

A constant state of innovation

As the world’s #1 monitor company, Dell operates in a constant state of innovation. This is best proven with this year’s launch of the new Dell UltraSharp 32” 4K Video Conferencing Monitor U3223QZ, which was designed to improve collaboration. An intelligent webcam provides automatic focus, light adjustments and enhanced visual clarity. Spectacular screen performance, incredible color, and contrast with IPS Black technology on a large 31.5” 4K monitor.

Enjoy the many advantages of Dell Display Manager

Dell Display Manager is a display application software that maximizes productivity with multi-tasking and power saving features: 

·       Easy application arrangement with Easy Arrange (up to 38 preset layouts) for efficient multi-tasking.

·       Save time and preset to a preferred display configuration with Automode. Auto Restore also allows your customers to easily pick up where they left off. 

·       Expanded view up to 16 monitors with Display Matrix Control. 

·       ITDMs can conveniently generate display management reports for inventory and management.

·       Manage energy consumption via power management settings with PowerNap.

·       Seamless large format touch collaboration up to 86” with up to 20-point touch capability.

Eco-conscious design

Dell views from an eco-conscious lens for cleaner products that meet the latest regulatory and environmental standards. To this end, Dell commercial monitors come in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging and select Dell monitors are available without stands to reduce unnecessary waste: 

·       Environmental standards: Dell monitors meet the latest environmental standards such as EnergyStar®, TCO Certified, and are EPEAT® Gold registered. What’s more, select Dell monitors use 85% PCR (Post-consumer Recyclable) plastic and 90% recycled aluminum in the design.

·       Energy conservation: Save energy when a monitor’s not in use with PowerNap, a feature that dims or puts the monitor to sleep when it’s not in use.

·       Advanced sustainability: Dell Technologies is committed to reducing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle. Read more about the company’s commitment to sustainability and its 2030 Social Impact goals here, and its product’s carbon footprint here.

Proven reliability

Dell monitors are automatically covered with a 3-year Advanced Exchange Service so that if a replacement becomes necessary, it will be shipped the next business day. There’s also the Limited Hardware Warranty which offers a replacement part/unit to be dispatched following completion of phone/online diagnosis. 

Worth noting, Dell UltraSharp, P and C series monitors are backed by the Dell Premium Panel Exchange, which allows a free panel replacement during the Limited Hardware Warranty period, even if only one bright pixel is found.

Of course, customers can also upgrade to a higher level of support that offers 24x7 specialized technical phone support with the optional Dell ProSupport. 

Learn more about Dell’s family of monitors. 

Learn more about selling displays and customer peripherals. 

*Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker, Q1 2022



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