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Today’s buyers spend a good chunk of their research and consideration process online. With that being the case, digital lead generation is the lifeblood of any solution provider's marketing efforts. 
To support solution providers enrolled in its Partner Program, Dell Technologies offers a free content syndication program to serve as a simple and automated way to get all the product information needed – including datasheets, marketing content, and compatible upsells – for Dell products in front of the solution provider’s customer base. 
This forward-thinking approach makes marketing a simple, self-service affair; one that also positions the solution provider as a content savvy thought leader. 
Why you should engage with Dell’s content syndication program
Indeed, the constant creation and maintenance of fresh web content that engages site visitors and aligns with Dell messaging can be a real drain on time and resources. 
With Dell’s content syndication program, solution providers are able to: 
Deliver targeted, relevant content to website visitors
Lift the burden of constant content development
Boost conversion rates and generate new qualified leads
Easily personalize and customize content to support your value proposition
Already a well-established program, Dell’s content syndication program is getting even better
Recently, Dell announced that it now includes hotspot banners as part of its content syndication program. For those unfamiliar, a hot spot banner is an advertising unit that includes within it an area which when rolled-over / rolled-on or otherwise clicked-on by the user’s cursor, triggers an event (e.g. expanded copy that offers more description of a product’s functionality). The event stops immediately once the user’s cursor leaves the hotspot zone.   
Including this advertising asset type empowers partners to deliver interactive content on their website that results in a net-positive user experience. They’re a proven improvement over the alternative – static banners – as they are more interesting, encourage visitors to interact with the site, and thus, results in a longer stay on the website itself, leading to a higher probability of sale. 
Place the right content in front of the right buyer at the right time
Between content syndication opportunities, hot spot banners, and more, Dell’s digital marketing tools make it easy for the modern solution provider to encourage or otherwise secure online transactions. 
Learn more on the Dell Technologies Partner Portal. 
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