Security challenges in today’s multicloud world now involve managing an evolving threat landscape for this modern work environment. As the volume and sophistication of threats grow, today, an attack is inevitable – and endpoints are a growing target. The good news: a modern endpoint security strategy can help reduce the attack surface. Enter Dell Technologies.

With their endpoint security portfolio Dell Trusted Workspace, you can help your customers secure endpoints for a modern, Zero Trust-ready IT environment. This comprehensive defense framework includes hardware and firmware protections to prevent and detect foundational attacks, along with software protections to address advanced threats wherever they occur in increasingly remote and hybrid environments. This unique and powerful combination helps keep data secure and users productive by protecting end user customer employees' workspaces everywhere.

Discover ‘Built-in’ & ‘Built-with’ Security via Dell commercial PCs

Dell Trusted Workspace offers multiple layers of defense to help customers establish device trust.

Built-with supply chain security: Not only does Dell build security into its commercial PCs, it builds products securely. Their state-of-the-art supply chain leverages security-centric design and strict integrity controls to ensure devices are safe from first boot. They also offer extra assurance of product safety through optional Dell SafeSupply Chain. For example, their Dell-unique Secured Component Verification helps ensure hardware is tamper-free on delivery. Other offers include tamper-evident packaging and NIST-level hard drive wipes*

Built-in hardware and formation security: Secure every layer of the compute stack with intelligent protections built into Dell commercial PCs. Some examples include: 

Stay protected from evolving threats with Dell SafeBIOS: Their unique off-host BIOS and firmware verification provides greater security than other PCs. Assess a corrupt BIOS, repair it, and gain insights that reduce exposure to future threats. Spot ticking timebombs with Indicators of Attack, an early-alert feature offered only by Dell scans for behavior-based threats before they can do damage.

Secure user credentials with Dell SafeID - Only Dell secures user credentials in a dedicated security chip, thereby keeping them hidden from malware that searches for, and then steals credentials.*

Keep information private with Dell SafeScreen and Dell SafeShutter - Enable your customers’ users to work from anywhere and know that all the while private information is being kept secure.*

Built-in security features like these help make Dell Trusted Devices the industry’s most secure commercial PCs*. 

Built-on’ Security enables advanced protection for any environment

Dell seeks out industry-leading software partners to provide customers with flexibility and choice for their ever-expanding security needs. Available for Dell and non-Dell devices alike, their built-on software-based protections can help improve the security of any fleet.

Thwart advanced cyberattacks with Dell SafeGuard and Response - Dell SafeGuard and Response, powered by CrowdStrike® Falcon, VMware® Carbon Black and Secureworks®, provides a comprehensive approach to customer endpoint threat management. Artificial intelligence and machine learning proactively detect and block endpoint attacks, while security experts help hunt for and remediate identified threats across the endpoint, network, and cloud.

Protect data on the device and in the cloud with Dell SafeData - Enable users to collaborate safely from anywhere. Netskope takes a datacentric approach to cloud security and access, protecting data and users everywhere, while Absolute gives your customers’ IT visibility, protection, and persistence outside the corporate firewall.

Invisible, seamless protection enables smarter, faster and more productive experiences

So, why trust Dell Technologies to secure your customer environments? With Dell Trusted Workspace you can ensure that your customers’ client systems are secured both above- and below-the-operating system (OS) – and this applies to all data traveling from the network to the cloud and back. 

Explore Dell Trusted Workspace today and start a wider security conversation with your customers by using the cyber security assessment tool. Learn more about this by visiting here.


*Dell internal analysis, September 2022. Not all features available with all PCs. Additional purchase required for some features. Availability varies by region. 

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