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Siggraph 2022: Dell Technologies Highlights Precision Workstation with 25th Anniversary

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Siggraph 2022, which was held August 8-11 in Vancouver, British Columbia, played host to more than 10,000 attendees. Widely seen as a premier graphics and interactive tech conference, the event also attracts a large student population, for those interested in seeing what’s going on in the industry, as well as a chance to network with companies that might be looking to hire. 

Dell Technologies’ Precision team had a significant presence at Siggraph 2022. The theme for this year’s booth was the 25th anniversary of the company’s workstation business. Beyond the normal expo representation, the front of the booth also included an over-sized replica of their very first workstation where those who visited had an opportunity to take selfies.

Additionally, Dell’s Precision team showcased some of the newest systems and how they handle complex, demanding workflows and applications with ease and reliability, including a sneak peek at the new Precision 7865 Tower.

A Banner Year for Dell’s Precision Team

Dell’s Precision workstations are specially made for creative professionals, as they offer a powerful and reliable platform for things like advanced CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for architects and engineers and photo / video editing solutions for animators and artists. All of Dell’s workstations are certified by leading Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to help ensure stability and performance under extreme compute intensive workloads.

The 25th Anniversary theme highlighted the Precision team’s history of innovation, a history that continues this year with the all-new, impressively powerful 14” mobile workstation, the Precision 5470, as well as CAMM memory technology in their high end 7000 series mobile workstations. And, as already mentioned, there was the announcement of Precision’s first-ever fixed workstation featuring the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Pro, designed to bring new levels of multi-threaded performance for today’s ever-increasing workload demands.

Use Cases Featured at Dell’s Siggraph Booth

For the solution provider reading this blog who is looking to introduce the Precision Workstation to their customers, or otherwise update their existing workstation setup, there were some interesting use cases featured at the booth which can be used to help drive relevance and expand customer engagement as it relates to adopting Precision within their work environment:

NVIDIA Omniverse Demo

Dell’s brand-new Precision 7865 Tower – featured at Siggraph 2022 – is part of the NVIDIA Omniverse. For those unfamiliar, the NVIDIA Omniverse is an easily extensible platform for 3D design collaboration and scalable multi-GPU, real-time, true-to-reality simulation. Guests were invited to play with the interactive Marbles demo, while imagining working on a similar project collaboratively – where features and objects can be manipulated in parallel and in near real time.

Game Development Demo

Not only is hardware becoming more standardized, so, too, is software. Independent game developers are making major strides on platforms that would otherwise be used in a wide variety of ways. While not utilizing the full potential of the Precision 3460 it’s powered by, Dell’s demonstration at the Anniversary Experience dropped users into an Unreal Tournament match, based on the first Unreal Engine from 1998. At the time, this featured cutting edge 3d graphics, texture, and physics – the design of which paved the way for workstation adoption. Once users were done participating in the Unreal Tournament, they were invited to step over to the other side of the room, where they had the opportunity to experience The Matrix Awakens, powered by Unreal Engine 5, which was released this past year. Attendees were asked to take notice of the advances in 3d modeling, textures, lighting, weather, and more, all of which are enabled by the Precision 7865 Tower workstation with NVIDIA RTX graphics. 

Adobe / BMD + Wacom Cintiq Demo

Keeping in tune with today’s technology driven era, the creative process requires the right tools for the right tasks. Adobe Premier and Black Magic Design DaVinci Resolve are powerful tools for video workflows this was well demonstrated at the Experience as the program was driven by Dell’s brand-new 16” Precision 7670 mobile workstation. Paired with a matching 16” Wacom Cintiq, the creative process proved remarkably simple. Attendees were invited to take a moment to try out the production software, experience the performance of the Precision 7670, and feel the accuracy of the Wacom Cintiq tablet.

Looking ahead

From award-winning filmmakers and animators to architects and engineers, Precision has been at the center of some truly remarkable work over the last 25 years. To celebrate this, and usher in the next generation of Precision workstations, Dell’s Precision team will be hosting events around the globe in the coming months, including those scheduled in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. 

Reach out to a local Dell sales representative to find out how you can participate in one near you. 

To learn more, check out this brochure on the Dell Precision Workstation family. 



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