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The new Dell Speakerphone – SP3022: Purpose built for the hybrid workplace

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We are hearing more and more these days that the hybrid workplace is here to stay. Remote work is now the status quo. This means that more workers are participating in virtual conferences than ever before. For those individuals who are spending hours each day in Teams and Zoom meetings, there has never been a more opportune time to upgrade their home office AV setup. The first, and easiest place to start is with a top-quality home office speakerphone.
Most people who have traditionally been using headsets to communicate through Teams and zoom should now consider getting a speakerphone. This provides them the ability to communicate without wearing a headset while simultaneously enjoying superior sound quality. Wireless headsets even become awkward and uncomfortable when worn for extended periods of time.

 A speakerphone is a simple standalone device that can be left on the desk. Workers can speak as comfortably as if they’re speaking with someone in the same room. This allows them to multitask at the same time they are having a smooth and professional conversation with team members.
Experience crystal-clear conference-calls with the Dell Speakerphone – SP3022
The new Dell Speakerphone – SP3022 is the world’s most intelligent* Microsoft Teams certified speakerphone since hybrid workers can now collaborate with a host of added intelligence features. They can work from home with a best-in-class audio experience that knows the difference between human voices and background noises and allows for a wider sound stage without distortion. This added intelligence actually enables them to collaborate as if they’re there.
The Dell Speakerphone – SP3022 is a game changer for customers in many ways:
Most intelligent: The best audio experience uses AI to reduce background noise while preserving the clarity of human voices
Value for the money: Experience best-in-class* audio quality at the value price point for both conferencing and listening experiences 
3 Year warranty: Leverage the world’s best conferencing speakerphone in its class* along with a 3-year warranty
Help your customers enjoy more productivity and an enhanced experience 
While having the Dell Speakerphone – SP3022 in the home office enables your customers’ employees to attend extended and active online meetings hands-free, the list of benefits is much longer. Here are just a few:
Full Duplex Audio Allows multiple participants to speak simultaneously while still being heard, clearly
AI Noise Cancellation Reduces background noise while preserving the clarity of human voices
Stereo Output Delivers lows and highs with no distortion, whether conferencing or listening to music
LED Lights Clearly indicate MS-Teams app status, call/hang-up, volume up, volume down, and mic mute/unmute
Learn more about how the Dell Speakerphone – SP3022 can add immediate value to your customers’ hybrid workforce by visiting here.
*Based on Dell analysis comparing against competitive personal conferencing speakerphones, September 2021
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