For most every customer’s digital enterprise, true success hinges on their ability to leverage big data in realtime. The challenge for them is that as data sets grow, their existing data centers are experiencing performance and scale limitations. This is especially the case when it comes to ingesting and querying real-time data sources. 
While some have long taken advantage of accelerators for speeding visualization, modeling and simulation, the reality now is today, more mainstream applications are leveraging accelerators to boost insight and innovation. Accelerators such as graphics processing units (GPUs) now complement and accelerate CPUs by using parallel processing to crunch large volumes of data faster. Accelerated data centers are also delivering better economics by providing breakthrough performance with fewer servers to deliver faster insights at lower costs. 
Customer enterprises across multiple industries are adopting server accelerators to outpace their competition. These enterprises are putting accelerators to work by honing product and service offerings with data-gleaned insights. At this same time these customers are enhancing productivity with better application performance, optimizing operations with fast and powerful analytics, and shortening time to market by doing it all faster than ever before. 
Power your server business with the cutting-edge server accelerators in Dell PowerEdge servers 
Face it. Less optimized, all-CPU-based systems have difficulty handling the unique hardware and software requirements of AI, ML, and HPC applications. These industrial strength needs benefit greatly from optimal performance with servers and complementing GPU accelerators in a production environment. And your customers are ready. They are actively considering an infrastructure which can deliver the capabilities to make their respective organizations competitive and successful, as they recognize the processing requirements of AI and other demanding workloads. 
A modern architecture approach where one of the biggest innovations is improved performance with the addition of dense acceleration at scale can be achieved with Dell PowerEdge servers. Let’s take a look at what they can do for customers right off the bat.
·       Maximize performance with faster graphics, AI, HPC and vGPU capabilities 
·       Drive productivity across GPU applications with more processing density 
·       Support business and IT agility with seamless scalability 
·       Drive sustainable operations for improved business results 
·       Assure secure operations across infrastructure, workloads and processes 
You can also help your customers bring their performance to a new level, support agile security, and empower employees to new heights working at multiple locations with these future-oriented technology advances.
OpenManage Enterprise console facilitates comprehensive lifecycle management for PowerEdge servers more efficiently.
Maximized Al performance with built-in accelerators - including the all-new Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX).
Swift operation without throttling thanks to advanced system cooling.
These purpose-driven PowerEdge servers for AI, help transform possibilities into insights for greater, smarter outcomes, and enhance data-driven digital business, delivering efficient visual outcomes and expediting business-wide AI operations. Customer AI opportunities are ramping up as Gen AI use cases are beginning to proliferate. As such, the PowerEdge XE 9680 is a compelling option both now and in the future to empower AI initiatives for your customers. 
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