It’s no secret that edge computing in the AI age has ushered in a major paradigm shift in how data is processed, and intelligent insights are generated. By leveraging AI at the edge, enterprises can unlock real-time decision-making, improve efficiency, and enable innovations across just about any vertical industry. AI at the edge is the key to empowering the insights from new and existing data sources that drive specific and differentiated business outcomes.
But implementing technology at the edge, including AI solutions, is not an easy task for most of your customers (and due to the fact that edge has unique challenges that require a new way for solving for them). In this regard, Dell Technologies has been bringing innovations in portfolio, services and partnerships to help customers easily and cost effectively unlock AI innovation at the edge, overcome complexity and generate value faster.
Partners can use their unique industry expertise and Dell’s edge solutions to create immediate impact at customer enterprises and help them capitalize on the edge in several important ways by:
-Leveraging AI at the edge to enrich customers' data-driven insights and drive innovation
-Simplifying customers’ edge operations and management to remove complexity across use cases, edge sites, and clouds
-Protecting customers’ edge estates by embedding modern security capabilities into their IT infrastructure and processes
NativeEdge Helps Customers Accelerate AI Innovation at the Edge
NativeEdge is an edge operations software platform that helps customers redefine their edge management. With NativeEdge, enterprises across various industries can securely enable AI applications such as visual analytics, production quality control and retail loss prevention. Basically, you can enable solutions everywhere that customers need them. As a Dell partner, you are in a unique position to become a trusted advisor for your customers to help them optimize their edge for AI - and do so securely.
Customers can generate actionable intelligence with AI inferencing at the edge. And you can readily help them deploy diverse AI solutions by leveraging Dell's partner-driven ecosystem to drive outcomes. AI inferencing for customers is possible at the edge with Dell's low power gateway-class and server-class systems today.  
Dell is your Partner of Choice for Delivering Edge Technology and Services to Customers
Your customers need help and guidance in assessing and optimizing their edge, especially those with distributed operations and/or multiple locations. Strategy and prioritizing key edge use cases, no matter the location or industry is critical. Additionally, they require assistance in enabling, monitoring and managing their edge estate to optimize performance of high value workloads and applications. Dell helps you empower your customers with a broad purpose-built portfolio, software, services and partnerships so that all your customers’ mission critical operations at the edge run smoothly and securely.
When it comes to your business, discussing and deploying Dell’s Edge solutions will help you rapidly win deals and expand your revenue opportunities. Explore how you can partner with Dell so that you can transform your customer’s experience and boost your bottom line by visiting here. 

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