Starting now, you can empower your customers to work and innovate everywhere with client-side device solutions from Dell Technologies. Deploying the latest Dell Technologies devices will ensure your customers can stay competitive, agile and creative no matter where they choose to work.
You and your customers can select from an extensive portfolio of intelligent and secure solutions, including:
-     Dell Latitude laptops - The world’s most intelligent commercial PCs provide improved performance, scalability and immersive work experiences. The latest flexible, sustainable ultra-light options offer industry-leading intelligence and integrated collaboration features at a range of price points.
-     Dell Precision workstations - Grow your opportunity and tap into the increasing demand for workstations, specifically in the Engineering and Media & Entertainment segments.
-     Dell Optiplex desktops - The industry’s most secure and intelligent commercial PC family focuses on key form factors and ensures that all your customers get access to Dell Optimizer and that the portfolio is simple to manage with a single BIOS.
-     An expanded range of monitors and client peripherals - When your customers’ requirements go beyond the PC, Dell displays and peripherals provide the power, productivity and intelligence you need to help modernize their work environments. 
Providing your customers with smart, secure client-side device solutions also helps you open new revenue streams and grow your business.
Hybrid work is here to stay
The global pandemic brought about dramatic changes in the way we work. At first, many of us were forced out of our offices and obliged to find ways to work remotely. And then something amazing happened—a paradigm shift that changed the nature of work forever and ushered in a new era of hybrid work. Now, we’re free to work and innovate anywhere.
Today, your customers need intelligent solutions that enable employees to make the most of this new hybrid-work environment and help them shift from “anywhere-lite” to “anywhere-right.” An anywhere-right solution includes technology that enables seamless transitions between locations and devices and provides the right intelligent/responsive technology. 
That technology includes Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions, easy access to virtual IT support, non-disruptive patching and maintenance IT updates and the power to bring all devices under a unified management system.
The human-centric approach
Dell Technologies believes that innovation begins with people. This core belief has led the Dell team to adopt a human-centric perspective in the design of solutions that empower users and IT to work and innovate everywhere. And this approach becomes even more powerful when you add your expertise and invaluable customer relationships to the mix.
Working in partnership with the Dell team gives you the tools to empower your customers and delight end users no matter where they are. That means up-leveling performance and collaboration tools, deploying AI-based optimization and delivering research-based solutions to determine the proper devices and collaboration ecosystems based on how your customers work. 
Access the Dell Partner Portal now and explore all the ways you can empower your customers to work and innovate everywhere. 

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