Empowering your customers with end-to-end IT solutioning that enables them to focus on other priorities is a great way to secure long-term business relationships. And that, in turn, is a great way to grow your business.
Modern organizations are moving away from the old CAPEX model for IT purchasing. What they need now is a flexible and predictable solution that helps them build and scale based on current needs.
A new case study shows how Platinum Partner CCS Media leverages Dell PC-as-a-Service to help customers save time and money. As a Dell partner, you can follow their example to provide your customers with a predictable price per PC, minimal downtime for end-users and built-in maintenance and service that offers true peace of mind.
Fast and flexible
CCS Media PCaaS Specialist Blaine Castle knows the value of Dell PC-as-a-service. “Customers love the fact that they can buy hardware, they can buy all the tools to make their lives easier, and it’s for one fixed monthly price.” Working in partnership with Dell, CCS Media delights its customers by providing client hardware, software and services in a seamless package without upfront investment. 
The result is a client list that relies on CCS Media for complete end-to-end Dell solutions instead of calling on multiple organizations. That’s a win-win for both CCS Media and its customers. And it’s a business model you can leverage to get the same results from yours.
Of course, the test of any relationship comes when something goes wrong. Dell has you covered there, too. Dell ProSupport Suite for PCs provides 24/7 assistance and repair for hardware or software issues. “Because maintenance is built into the cost, there’s no downtime or raising tickets,” agrees Castle. “It frees up time to concentrate on building a better business.”
If you’re ready to build a better business—and help your customers build one, too—visit the Dell Technologies Partner Portal today and learn how to make the most of your powerful partnership with Dell Technologies.

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