Two recent studies are available to help convince your customers that adopting an accelerated device refresh cycle is critical to meeting their performance, security and sustainability goals. Among the many reasons to upgrade, the reports point to productivity boosts, enhanced security measures and the frictionless adoption of Windows 11. 
Together with Dell Technologies, you can help your customers transition to a 2-year refresh cycle proven to increase organization-wide productivity while reducing CAPEX and OPEX expenditures on security. 
An accelerated refresh cycle is good for your business, too. In helping your customers improve their organizations, you’re also generating revenue by outfitting customers with Dell Technology’s newest PCs and laptops, the industry’s most secure business-focused devices. 
Too slow is a no-go
A recent report published by Forrester Consulting shows how a typical 3-year refresh cycle can prove detrimental for modern businesses. Consequences of not updating hardware in a timely manner may include:
-     Security vulnerabilities introduced by software updates
-     Workflow disruption from time-intensive software updates
-     Reduced productivity and agility
-     Increased security expenditures
-     Increased overall risk
-     Negative impact on sustainability goals
What’s more, outdated devices produce poor end-user experiences. These devices create roadblocks for hybrid workers leading to reduced productivity and bad morale. That’s a big—and unnecessary—risk to take with a workforce that depends on flexibility and connectivity to achieve its goals. 
Better productivity and security with Windows 11
Migration to Windows 11 provides another important reason for your customers to adopt an accelerated device refresh cycle. Upgrading to Windows 11 on a Dell Latitude laptop empowers your customers to use Microsoft 365 productivity tools up to 46% more efficiently, according to a report by Principled Technologies.
Organizations also need to know that Windows 10 support is scheduled to end in October 2025. And as of January 2024, users will no longer be able to purchase Windows 10 through the Windows 11 downgrade option. 
That means time is running out to help your customers create a smooth transition to the most secure version of Windows ever. 
Productivity, security and sustainability
Now is the right time to help your customers improve their businesses through an accelerated device refresh cycle. In addition to boosting productivity and hardening security, this effort will help your customers achieve their sustainability goals. 
In Forrester’s report, the majority of respondents said an accelerated refresh cycle helped their organization improve sustainability practices and reduce operational expenses through internal reuse, repurposing and recycling programs. 
Help your customers affect positive change for their businesses and the environment. To learn more and access valuable resources to help you and your customers accelerate from ideas to innovation, visit the Dell Partner Portal today. 

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